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540° USB Car Seat Fan

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Make summer driving a cool and relaxing one with this universal car backseat cooling fan!
A powerful 12V to 24V fan with 5 rotating blades that successfully cools you off to the backseat even when the air conditioning is weak. Giving the passengers or your pets a silent, strong extra air supply to fight the scorching heat without rolling the windows down. This cooling fan has 3 wind speed adjustments that can be freely changed anytime according to your needs in just a press. It also offers a flexible rotation and sideways movement to bring you a comfortable fanning at any angle. This car fan works as a freshener as well so you can put aromatherapy scents inside to remove foul odors to your interior.  

This mini fan is built with a big adjustable clamp that can grip securely on any car seat metal bar sizes with ease. No worries as it comes with a rubber cushioning to prevent it from leaving unpleasant marks and scratches behind. The fan features an extended USB cable so you can plug it even through the car front or wherever you like without troubles. You can power it through your vehicle’s charger, power banks, laptop device or adapter. What’s more? It can also be used and clamped to your office desk, working table, baby stroller, bicycle, camping tents, bed frames, kitchens, dormitories, and so on.     

Why suffer with the sweltering car heat when you can easily cool down using this universal car backseat cooling fan!  


  • Powerful Cooling Fan
    A mini electric fan with 5 sturdy rotating blades and a highly-efficient motor that releases a strong air supply soundlessly. It effectively keeps your vehicle from being overheated and helps back passengers or pets to cool down from the intense heat. Providing you an extra cooling boost inside for a comfortable and relaxed road travel. Moreover, it does not only improve air circulation, but it also works as a freshener which eliminates foul car odors. Just put in the aromatherapy and place the diffuser cover back to make your interior fresh and pleasant smelling.

  • 3-Speed Adjustment
    This fan comes with 3 convenient wind speeds that can be freely changed anytime with ease according to your needs. Designed with an easy button which you can press to switch and increase its level. 1 speed for a soft, comfortable fanning, 2 speed for natural cool wind, and 3 speed for a strong cool wind.   

  • Flexible Rotation
    The fan can be rotated upward or downward and also be moved sideways to give you the best comfortable position. Bringing you coolness in every angle at the backseat whether you like to fit snugly in the corners or sit up straight and so on. It can also be folded when not in use to make it hidden. 

  • Easy Installation
    This portable car fan offers a built-in stable clamp with a soft rubber pad cushion to avoid it from scratching when installed. No worries as it does not swing around or fall off even when you drive through uneven roads, fast curves or do an emergency brake. Simply fasten it on your car seat’s headrest bar, adjust it to your desired position, plug it in then press the power on and you're good to go. It has a big adjustable clamp which allows it to grip on different metal bar sizes with no trouble.

  • Long USB Cable
    A USB powered fan that you can connect through your car’s charger, power banks, laptop device or adapter. Equipped with an impressive 135cm cable so you can set it to your backseat and easily plug it through the front or wherever you want.
  • Wide Application
    The universal car fan can cool you off not only inside your vehicle, but also to various places as well. You can clamp it to your office desk, working table, baby stroller, bicycle, camping tents, bed frames, kitchens, dormitories, hotels, apartments, libraries and more possibilities.  
  • Size:

  • Voltage: 5V/1A
  • 1 x 540° USB Car Seat Fan (with USB plug)

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