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AEXZR™ Multicurve Man Beard Grooming Shaper

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No more uneven beards or botched necklines and cheeks facial trims with this Multicurve Man Beard Grooming Shaper!

This beard grooming shaper allows you to successfully create that salon-quality straight edges and shaped beard effortlessly in no time. It features an 8-in-1 design that's perfect for a step cut, straight cut, inward curve goatee, mustache, neckline, curve cut, forehead line, and even work as a mini comb. Saving you out of the guesswork of facial trimming and finally able to rock that consistent length and shape that any man would envy. What’s more? This styling shaper is highly transparent so you can clearly and easily see the look of your beard underneath when trimming. Making it an ideal helper for beginners, professional, barbershop, DIYers, fathers, husband, boyfriend, and such.

The beard beard grooming shaper is conveniently light and built with a non-slip, ergonomic design for maximum gripping and maneuverability. Allowing it to be used even for a prolonged period with excellent comfort and safety. Moreover, this multi-styling shaper can be stored inside bags and kits without taking up too much space. Great for getting that even, sharp trim at-home or out for vacation, business travel, hotels, condominiums, apartments, and so on. It is constructed with the highest-grade material that ensures to last a long years of daily use without breaking, cracking, and rusting

Rock that clean, good shape beard shave without the need to run to the salon using this multi-shape beard grooming shaper


  • All-in-One Beard Styling Tool
    A clever multi-shape beard shaper specially constructed with a unique shape that can work with 8 different uses without the need to switch for other tools anymore. Providing you step cut template, straight cut ruler, inward curve goatee, mustache, neckline, curve cut, mini comb, and forehead line ruler. It serves as an excellent assistant so you can measure your beard and hair accurately with great ease and speed. Moreover, it also ensures that you can consistently create your desired length and shape. Saving you from the guesswork and hassle to your regular facial trimming routine.

  • High-Transparent Material
    This 8-in-1 beard template shaper is 100% transparent which allows the user to see everything clearly and align properly as you trim. Delivering you a much easier, precise, and better operation at all times. Perfect for placing it on top of your hair and trim to your desired shape without blocking the appearance of your beard underneath unlike with other tools. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    The beard styling shaper is ideally light in the hands and it supports a non-slip design for a secured, maximum gripping and control even for those with sweaty palms. You can stably hold it for a prolonged period to guide during trimming without causing hand fatigue and discomfort. Furthermore, this multi-styling template does not consist of any sharp edges and surface so it can come into direct contact with the skin with not a single harm. This handy tool is conveniently slim and compact to be carried around easily anytime, anywhere. Allowing you to get that even, neat shaved beard whether you're at-home or out for vacation, business travel, hotels, condominium, apartments, and such.

  • Easy to Use
    This fine styling beard template shaper can give you that precise trim in no time without the complicated steps! Simply review which beard shaping template best fits your needs, then press the shaper into position on your face to provide the perfect outline. After that you can now safely trim or shave on your facial hair, brush to clean stray strands, and you're done. Ideal for beginners, professional stylist, barbershop, DIYers, fathers, husband, boyfriend, and so on.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic thickened ABS plastic materials with a remarkable toughness. It is successfully built to last for multiple years of everyday usage without breaking, or accumulating mold and corrosion. This 8-in-1 beard shaper can also withstand accidental drops without easily cracking.  


  • Material: ABS
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  • 1 x AEXZR™ Multicurve Man Beard Grooming Shaper

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