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All-Day Underarm Sweat Pads

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Say goodbye to embarrassing pit stains with this all day anti-sweat absorbent underarm pads set!

This pads pack feature a super-absorbent fabric with multi-layered design to ensure maximum sweat protection. Each pads can fully absorb perspiration and acts as a shield to prevent your clothing from getting damp and stained. Allowing you to confidently raise arms and dress up with any outfit style without the awkward wet patches even on the sweatiest of days. These armpit pads offer exceptional deodorizing qualities and breathability to keep your underarm dry and fresh. Moreover, they come with great absorption capacity for an all day long protection without leaking. 

These anti-sweat underarm pads are specially-structured to fit perfectly on the contour of clothes armpit area. The sweat pads also adopt an ultra-thin style to keep it comfortably flat and hidden under any outfits. What’s more? They come with an impressive back adhesive that can securely stick against any fabric to avoid shifting without affecting your movements. No worries as they can be removed easily anytime with not a single damage, snagging, or sticky residues left behind. Made with premium, hypoallergenic microfiber fabric that can be used for a prolonged period without causing skin irritations and discomfort.

Keep your armpit dry and your tops protected using this all day non-sweat absorbent underarm pads set!


  • Super Absorbent Sweat Pads
    A pack of disposable armpit pads that adopts an unrivaled absorbency quality which successfully soaks up all perspiration and moisture. Allowing them to efficiently shield your clothes from marking up with embarrassing underarm sweat and making your armpit completely dry. Additionally, these sweat pads also help in keeping odors at bay and stops your clothing from soiling and producing yellow stains. You can now confidently dress up with any colors or outfit style without worrying about awkward wet patches.  

  • All Day Long Freshness
    These fine underarm pads offer an excellent absorption capacity that can hold up excess sweat for a prolonged period without leaking. You can use them all throughout the day while ensuring your armpits and clothes stay perfectly dry. Moreover, the pads also provide an exceptional deodorizing nature and breathability to allow air to freely pass through as they soak up sweat. Making your underarms undeniably fresh and odor-free to prevent irritations and other discomforts. 

  • Well-Constructed Armpit Pads
    The armpit sweat pads supply a comfort layer, sweat shield layer, breathable sweat-proof barrier, and absorbent layer. No worries as even with multiple layers, these pads are designed with super soft and ultra-thin features for maximum wearing comfort and discreteness. The pads can be adhered on thin or slim-fitted, and light-colored clothing while being invisible from other’s eyes. Furthermore, these sweat pads are structured to fit perfectly through any clothes armpit sleeves. Each pad has an extra-sticky backing that you can easily stick through any fabric and stays well in place all day long without affecting your movement.

  • Ready to Tote 
    These absorbent underarm pads are lightweight and super thin enough to be stashed into bags and pouches without taking up space. Each armpit sweat pads are also individually packaged for better portability and hygiene. You can now easily change at any time when needed or when you want to apply it for your change outfits. Great for vacation, travels, work, school, business travel, and more possibilities. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly microfiber fabrics that boasts an amazing all-natural absorbent material that keeps perspiration and odors. The sweat pads can be also adhered to any clothing and be removed easily with not a single damage or sticky residues left behind. What’s more? These protective underarm pads can hold up more sweat without tearing unlike with other products. 


  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: 12cm x 9.5cm (4.7" x 3.7")

  • Package: 20pcs / 40pcs / 60pcs / 100pcs


  • 20pcs / 40pcs / 60pcs / 100pcs of All-Day Underarm Sweat Pads

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