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Anti-Collision Furniture Waterdrop Corner Guards (10/20/40PCS)

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Keep the danger out of pointy table corners away using these Anti-Collision Furniture Waterdrop Corner Guards!

These waterdrop corner guards feature a soft texture like cushions that can successfully absorb various significant impacts. They can fully cover and safe-guard different furniture sharp corners to eliminate nasty bumps, painful scratches, bruises, and other accidental hazards. Ideal especially for those busy parents with playful children that roam around the house unsupervised. They offer a perfectly clear, realistic water dripping design that can blend aesthetically onto any furniture corners. Suitable for dining tables, coffee tables, work desks, desktops, countertops, bookshelves, and other furniture corners that needed baby-proofing.      

The anti-collision corner guards adopt a high-powered adhesive that can securely hold against almost all types of surface. Allowing them to stay fixed in place and withstand exposure to humid environments and your child’s curious little strong fingers. No worries as they don’t scratch or leave damages behind the furniture even when removed. Made with thickened non-toxic PVC that can combat years of endless shocks and impacts without deformation or breaking. No more complicated installation needed! Simply remove the protective film, stick through corners, and done! 

Baby-proof your home to keep your little explorers from the nasty bruise bumps using these Anti-Collision Furniture Waterdrop Corner Guards!


  • Waterdrop Table Corner Guards
    A fine pack of anti-collision protectors designed in a unique water drop that can turn every sharp furniture corner child-safe in no time. It offers a highly thickened soft texture like cushions that can amazingly absorb shocks and impacts. Additionally, the water drop corner guards are sizeable enough to fully cover your pointy table corners for maximum protection. Preventing all nasty bumps, painful scratches, bruises, and other accidental harm. You can now confidently let your active child play and roam around with minor supervision.

  • Decorative Water Dripping Style
    These safety table corner covers come in a highly-translucent, realistic water drop like shape. Their neat, natural appearance can perfectly blend on any furniture color and style without affecting its aesthetic touch. Allowing them to effectively subdued pointy corners and reduce the likelihood of injuries while looking like a stunning water dripping through the edges.      

  • Powerful Adhesion
    The corner guards supply an impressive double-sided adhesion that can securely hold against almost all types of surface. Suitable for wood, glass, ceramic tile, plastic, glass, metal, and more possibilities. Their superior adhesion can be exposed through humid environments and extreme temperatures without loosening grip and creating a single move. Moreover, these protectors can also stay firmly in place even with your toddlers' unexpectedly strong, curious little fingers. No more constant repositioning and falling off unlike with other products. 

  • Easy Stick-and-Go Installation
    These baby-proofing table guards can be mounted to your furniture corners in just a quick and easy method. Simply apply the included adhesive on the corner guard, peel-off the protective film, align accordingly and adhere it to every corner of your table, and done. No more complicated tools needed or messy adhesive glues that only leave unwanted, permanent damages behind. These protectors can be used in all kinds of furniture, including dining tables, coffee tables, work desks, desktops, countertops, bookshelves, and so on.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of non-toxic, high-quality, ultra-soft PVC material that boasts an unparalleled pliability and durability. These corner guards can withstand high impacts and numerous bumps without deforming, breaking, or falling off. Furthermore, they can be used freely on various furniture corners without scratching and damaging even when removed.  


  • Material: Non-Toxic PVC
  • Size: Please refer to the image below


  • 10PCS / 20PCS / 40PCS of Anti-Collision Furniture Waterdrop Corner Guards

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