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Cithway™ Anti-deform Shoes Laundry Mesh Bag

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Make your sneakers extra clean and fully dry in a breeze without the alarming noises and forceful tumbling using this laundry shoe mesh bag!

This clever laundry mesh bag supports built-in velcro adhesive straps that can affix securely through your dryer’s or washer’s door. Eliminating the risk of your footwear to alarmingly thuds, scratch, and tumble from rolling around during the cycle. Allowing you to effortlessly keep your sneakers perfectly clean and dry in no time minus the damages on both shoes and the appliance. No worries as this mesh bag’s velcro strap design enables it to be adjusted easily and accommodate most door sizes and shapes. Great for different washers and dryers brands, including samsung, whirlpool, bosch, maytag, LG, electrolux, miele, amana, and such. 

The laundry shoe mesh bag promotes a smooth-sliding zipper that protects your footwear from slipping out during wash or drying time. It also adopts velcro straps that are thin enough to prevent obstruction and fully close the appliance door. This drying-washing mesh bag can also serve as a convenient shoe storage bag that is spacious enough to carry bulky footwear. Suitable during travel, vacation, business trips, beach, sports, camping, and more possibilities. Made with premium, polyester mesh fabric that promises to last for multiple years of usage without wearing-off.

Keep your favorite kicks and pricey appliances from the nasty damages with this  laundry shoe mesh bag!


  • Perfect Laundry Shoe Bag
    A clever mesh bag featuring sturdy lengthened straps which enables it to be attached through your dryer’s or washer’s door. Allowing you to easily hang your sneakers from the inside of your laundry machine and successfully clean and dry in no time without the damages on both the shoes and the appliance. It also saves you from the worrisome and annoyingly loud thudding, scratching, and from rolling around during the cycle. Moreover, this shoe laundry bag also eliminates the risk of your shoelaces snagging or getting stuck inside your washing machine or dryer.

  • Extra-Secured Design
    Adopts a smooth-sliding zipper which helps to keep your footwear secure inside the mesh even during the cleaning or drying cycle. Additionally, it offers superior velcro adhesive straps that affix onto the machine’s door with a serious hold to prevent falling and rolling around inside. No worries as the straps are thin enough to flawlessly attach without them causing obstruction to fully close the appliance door.   

  • Highly Portable 
    Super lightweight and it can be fully folded flat into a much more compact size with great ease and speed. It can be neatly tote inside backpacks, handbags, and luggages while still saving so much more space for other items. What’s more? It does not only help in making shoe cleaning and drying a breeze, but it can be also used as a convenient shoe storage bag. It supplies a large capacity design that can fit bulky sneakers and at least 2 pairs of footwear at once. Perfect when you're out on travel, vacation, business trips, beach, sports, camping, and so much more. 
  • Wide Application 
    Has velcro adhesive straps that can be easily adjusted to hold securely on your machine’s door. It can accommodate different washers and dryers doors of most sizes and shapes, including circular, square, curved, and flat doors. Suitable for various brands like samsung, whirlpool, bosch, maytag, LG, electrolux, miele, amana, and more possibilities.

  • Premium Quality
    Made og high-quality, thickened polyester fabric and velcro adhesive strapping with a remarkable long-lasting durability. Its net-like construction style allows air and liquid to freely circulate for a much safer, maximum cleaning and rapid drying. This shoe laundry bag can be used daily for multiple years without deforming, damaging, and molding. Furthermore, it does not contain any sharp material that might cause unwanted scratches and harm to your sneakers and appliances especially during operation.


  • Material: Polyester Mesh Fabric
  • Size: 40x40cm


  • 1 x Anti-deform Shoes Laundry Mesh Bag

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