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Car Scratch Traceless Repair Swirl Remover

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Skip the expensive trip to the body shop and remove unwanted car marks using this  car scratch remover!


This revolutionary repair agent can successfully spruce your car surface paint back into its brand-new appearance in an instant. It can effectively eliminate swirl, sun spots, scratches, water stains, texturing, worn out paint, marks, lining and other minor damages. Furthermore, this ultimate repair solution even delivers a gorgeous, high-sheen finish with a long-lasting effect. Simply apply the scratch remover to the damaged area, gently wipe until all residues and marks are no longer visible, and done. You can now quickly return from your road escapades with a spotless, upgraded vehicle without the need to drive through repair shops!   

The quick-repair car scratch remover is formulated with an advanced blend that delivers a non-streak, non-sticky flawless finish. Moreover, it promotes an excellent full color compatibility that can restore different car types and matches any paint colors. Suitable for your vehicle’s doors, hood, door handle, trunks, window frames, car side, and other areas that need restoring. It is formulated with a premium solution that promises to polish with a nice shine without leaving damages or affecting the original paint. This quick-repair agent is also completely odorless and non-harming for the skin to ensure the user’s safety at all times. 

Erase every scratch and blemishes through your vehicle’s surface only with this car scratch remover!


  • Instant Powerful Repair
    An ultimate repair agent that’s formulated professionally with the perfect combination of fastest and easiest way to restore car paint damages. It can instantly remove swirl, spot, scratches, water stains, texturing, minor paint peeling, marks, lining, and such in just a few wipe. This solution does not only polish, but it also helps in bringing back your car’s original color. Providing your vehicle an improved, brand-new looking appearance and high polish finish that every car owner would dream of.


  • Long-Lasting Effect
    This car scratch remover offers an excellent long-lasting performance which enables it to quickly cover damages without the need for constant reapplying. It can permanently restore minor car paintwork blemishes and stays with nice, bright sheen for multiple months. Moreover, this remarkable repair agent provides a flawless, non-sticky and swirl-free finish each time. 

  • Quick and Easy To Use
    The quick-repair paint agent comes in a ready-mix solution that can effectively restore your vehicle in no time with just a few easy steps. Simply wash your car clean and let it dry, apply a proper amount onto each scratch and blemishes, wipe evenly using a clean cloth or towel, and done. You can now magically upgrade your car paint’s quality without the need to drive through the professional repair shop anymore!

  • Great For All Cars
    This high-performance polishing solution can spruce up worn and damaged car paint of all vehicle types and perfectly matches any paint colors!  It has a powerful blend that restores quality and luster in a cinch without damaging the car surface. Suitable for sedans, mini vans, vans, AUVs, SUVs, pick ups, hatchbacks, and more possibilities. You can apply this anywhere to your car’s surface, including doors, hood, door handle, trunks, window frames, car side, and other areas that need restoring.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic solution that boasts an impressive restoring performance and full color compatibility. It is completely odorless and can accidentally come into contact with the skin without irritations or discomfort to ensure overall safety and health. This quick-repair agent does not also affect the original paint and create discoloration or further early wear unlike with other products. 
  • Weight: 60ml
  • 1 x Car Scratch Traceless Repair Swirl Remover

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