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Cithway™ Automotive Plastic Coating Kit

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Keep your automotive in pristine condition no matter the weather with just a swipe of this Automotive Plastic Coating Kit!

An ultimate car coat that deeply penetrates through the surface and delivers a nice paint color boost and a glass-like gorgeous sheen finish. Furthermore, it also helps in erasing dirts and minor scratches in just a wipe for that maximum cleaning and restoration effect. Great for tackling fresh and even the toughest of dust, road grimes, insect splatters, bird poops, water spots, dried muds, scratches, scrapes, and such. Allowing you to effortlessly keep your vehicle in brand new showroom condition in an instant that would make every car owner envious. Perfect for different car types like sedans, vans, minivans, trucks, SUVs, AUVs, UVs, sports cars, pickups, and so on.

This automotive plastic coating kit promotes a long-lasting hydrophobic performance and it also creates a highly protective clear layer. Providing you the best defense against airborne chemicals, pollutants, external paint’s damage, ultraviolet rays, and any water-based materials. The refurbishing coat offers a liquid-based formulation that works effectively and gently to prevent causing damages and discoloration. Suitable for car doors, car front, rear, windows, tire, wheels, car fender flares, car pedal, car seat, and even for tables, keyboards, leather sofa, leather shoes, and more possibilities. Made with premium, non-toxic ingredients that can be safely applied anytime, anywhere! 

Wipe your vehicle clean, polished, and with a deep shine using only this car crystal coating refurbishing agent!


  • 360° Instant Car Refurbishment
    A high-performance car coating agent that penetrates deeply into the pores of your vehicle’s surface material. Allowing it to effectively enhance the car’s paint color and adding a glass-like gorgeous shine finish in just a quick, effortless swipe. It also assists in erasing minor scratches and stubborn dirts that clings to behind every road trip. Perfect for eliminating dust, road grimes, insect splatters, bird poops, water spots, dried muds, scratches, scrapes, and so on. Providing you an overall maximum cleaning and a brand new-like condition restoring that would surely make every car owner amazed. 

  • Long-Lasting Shine and Protection
    This crystal coating agent supports an excellent protective transparent layer and scratch-resistance performance that helps in extending the life of your vehicle. It wraps nicely on the automotive’s surface and forms the best defense against airborne chemicals, pollutants, external pain’ts damage, and sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. The car coat also adopts a long-lasting high-gloss effect that will keep your vehicle beautifully in good condition for years. Moreover, it even creates an impressive hydrophobic quality coating which successfully repels water and other water-based materials. Eliminating any sort of liquids like rain, mud, snow, and road water from sticking and drying which only leaves unwanted water spots and dirts.   

  • Wide Application
    The protective high-shine car coating is specially designed in a water-based formulation that works effectively on most surface types. It also remains powerful, yet gentle enough to avoid causing further damages and discoloration to your car’s paint, rubber, trim, plastic, and such. Suitable for restoring shine, color, and overall appearance of your car doors, car front, rear, windows, tire, wheels, car fender flares, car pedal, and car leather seat. This crystal coating agent can be even used for other items like motorcycles, tables, keyboards, laptop screens, leather sofa, leather shoes, leather bags, and more possibilities.  

  • Quick and Easy Application
    This multitasking car crystal coating can amazingingly refresh your entire vehicle in no time without the complicated steps and time-consuming rinsing anymore. Simply pour a few drops on the included applicator sponge, then directly wipe it on the car surface to restore, and you'll already see the difference! No need for constant car washing anymore or a trip to the car wash store even as you go to the toughest of rain storms, extreme weather, and long-distance road trips.

  • Premium Formulation
    Formulated with the highest-grade, industry-tested performance ingredients that boasts an unparalleled protection, sheen restoration, and cleaning. It can leave your car looking new for years in an instant without creating damages, fading, and premature wearing. This car crystal coating refurbishing agent is 100% odorless and it does not leach harmful chemicals to ensure overall safety and health.
  • Net weight: 30ml
  • 1 x Cithway™ Automotive Plastic Coating 
  • 1 x Sponge


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