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Cithway™ Multicolor Tie-free Shoelaces (1pair )

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Say no more to the hassle of repeated tying and use this lazy no-tie metal lock shoelace!

This set of lazy shoelaces is specially designed with a metal lock mechanism that can instantly turn any laced up kicks into easy slip ons. It successfully eliminates the troubles of repeatedly lacing every time you wear shoes or when they get loose during walks. Suitable for children, elderly, arthritic person, hand disabilities, autistic, athletes, and those who are always on a time crunch. No worries as the capsule metal lock can be easily twisted to stay secured and keep the laces in place even as you move around. Saving you from the risk of dangerously tripping through untied laces or experiencing shoes awkwardly slipping off your feet. 

The no-tie metal lock shoelaces feature high-elasticity and superior tensile strength that can be stretched and pulled without breaking. The laces can naturally conform to your feet size and movements to deliver that ultimate comfort and support all day long. Moreover, its elasticity also ensures that you can smoothly put on and remove your shoes without having to detach the lock anymore. These lazy no-tie shoelaces can suit bigger or high-cut footwear and even be trimmed to fit smaller sizes. Making them an ideal shoelaces for kids and adults sports shoes, sneakers, high-cuts, laced up boots, hiking shoes, gym shoes, cycling shoes, jogging shoes, and such.  

Keep your laces stay tight throughout your entire walk or run without the annoying retying with this lazy no-tie metal lock shoelace! 


  • Easy No-Tie Lacing
    A handy set of 2 shoelaces and 2 metal capsule locks that are uniquely designed to instantly transform any of your laced up kicks into easy slip ons. Providing you with excellent convenience and time-saving benefits by eliminating the troubles of repeatedly tying laces each time you wear shoes or when they get loose. Making it the perfect helper especially for children, elderly, arthritic person, hand disabilities, autistic, athletes, and those who are always on a time crunch.

  • Powerful Metal Lock
    This lazy shoelace set utilizes a secured metal lock mechanism that keeps the laces in place without the need to tie them up. The metal capsule can be fixed effortlessly by rotation and stay tight even as you move excessively around like running, dancing, walking, and such. Preventing the lock from loosening up to save you from the risk and worries of dangerously tripping over untied shoelaces. Suitable for everyday wear, hiking, cycling, jogging, sports, outdoor activities, exercising, vacation, and more possibilities. 

  • Highly Elastic Laces
    The shoelaces offer impressive tensile strength and high-elastic qualities that can stretch without deforming or breaking. Allowing it to suit your foot size without being too tight to hurt and cause restrictions or too loose to cause the shoe to slip off. Delivering you with a secured fitting and nice tension for a maximum all day comfort wearing experience and a much more natural feel while running or walking. Moreover, the shoelaces’ elasticity also enables you to wear and remove shoes anytime without having to take off the metal lock.

  • One Size Fits All
    These no-tie shoelaces come with 100cm length which allows them to fit through bigger shoe sizes or those with high-cut designs. The laces can be also easily cut short to suit kid shoes or smaller sizes footwear. Perfect for sports shoes, sneakers, high-cuts, laced up boots, hiking shoes, gym shoes, cycling shoes, jogging shoes, and so much more. Simply put the laces properly on the shoe, insert the metal capsule, tie the end of the shoelace to secure the capsule lock then cut-off the excess laces. After that, heat the end lace with a lighter, lock it securely by twisting the metal capsule, and you now have a convenient no-tie sneakers! The laces come in wide in a wide assortment of eye-catching colors that can complement and even step up the looks of your shoes! Available in white, pink, yellow, orange, red, purple, gray, green, brown, black, beige, sky, marine, navy blue, and so on.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality elastic memory fit material and metal capsule buckle lock that boasts an amazing long-lasting durability and toughness. Both the lock and laces can withstand years of everyday usage without snapping, breaking, rusting, and loosening. No worries as these lazy lock shoelaces do not contain any sharp materials to ensure that they won’t scratch or damage your footwear. 
  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 100cm
  • 1 x Cithway™ Multicolor Tie-free Shoelaces ( 1pair )

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