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Cithway™ Picture Hanging Tool

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 No more awkwardly crooked or out of balanced frames with this Picture Hanging Tool!

This innovative helper allows you to evenly display one or multiple picture frames without the guesswork and troubles of wall hanging. It has 3-leveled hanging hooks which lets you easily align and position the picture while exactly seeing what it will look like before nailing. No worries as this hanging tool adopts a handy marking pin so you can confidently attach at the exact spot that you need to nail on. Saving you from the several damages left behind your walls due to mistakenly nailing on different spots. Suitable for evenly mounting picture frames, decoration, art and crafts frames, paintings, clocks, plates, mirrors, memorabilia frames, and such. 

The picture leveler tool is light and it offers a non-slip, ergonomically designed handle for maximum, secured gripping and maneuverability. It even supplies an easy-to-read printed measurement on both sides so you can accurately set spacing when hanging 2 or more frames. What’s more? This picture hanging tool can confidently glide along walls and find the right placement without leaving scratches and unwanted marks. Made with premium, durable plastic materials that promises to withstand years of everyday usage and not easily wear-off. 

Make every frame on your wall evenly aligned and visually mounted using this Picture Hanging Tool!


  • Quick Accurate Hanging
    A handy hanging tool featuring a built-in leveler and 3 hanging hooks which helps in taking off the guesswork and struggle of mounting frames evenly along walls. Allowing you to easily line and position where you want your picture or art to be mounted and even see exactly what it will look like before hammering. Moreover, it also comes with a marking pin that you can simply press so you’ll know the precise spot where you need to nail. Ensuring you have perfectly leveled/aligned hanging frames in one go without the multiple unwanted mistake nail holes from your wall.   

  • Ergonomic Design
    This picture leveler hanging tool is super light so it won’t weigh you down even with the frame on for a more easier and comfortable aligning and positioning. It also has a convenient, non-slip handle that can be securely grip on even by wet and sweaty hands to keep your hanging placement 100% even. Furthermore, the hanging tool provides an accurate ruler on both sides which enables you to measure accurate spacing and such. No worries as it promotes protective circular mats so you can confidently position and glide through walls without leaving a single scratch or damage.  

  • Easy to Use
    The high-performance hanging tool can successfully level your picture in no time without the complicated methods anymore! Simply hook the frame into it, position your frame by gliding it until you find the right spot on the wall. After that, press the marker button to leave a mark on the wall, hammer a nail on it, mount your frame, then place the tool horizontally to check the liquid balance if the frame is perfectly aligned. No more pencil lining, taping, and other complicated tools to level frames anymore!  

  • Works On All Frames
    This picture hanging tool can effectively level different frame types from small, medium to large. Suitable for picture frames, decoration, art and crafts frames, paintings, clocks, plates, mirrors, memorabilia frames, and more possibilities. The tool can assist you in evenly mounting a single frame, two frames, or multiple ones while also ensuring that each frame is evenly spaced with each other.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic thickened plastic materials that boasts an excellent long-lasting durability and accurate leveling performance. It can be used for multiple years and hold up weighty frames and perfectly mount them in leveled position without damaging or breaking. This hanging tool does not contain any harmful edges or surfaces to ensure the user’s overall safety at all times. 


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  • 1 x Cithway™ Picture Hanging Tool

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