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Cithway™ Universal 2-in-1 Telescopic Car Squeegee Wiper

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Stay safe on the road even after an unanticipated rain pours with this universal 2-in-1 telescopic car squeegee wiper!

This car mirror wiper comes with a clever microfiber cloth head for cleaning and a flat, smooth rubber blade that instantly dries off liquid. Both sides offer a faster and more thorough cleaning that can tackle even the stubborn build ups of water, dirt, dust, stain, road splashes, fogs, and such. It also adopts a handy telescopic feature that can be swiftly stretched up to a 38 inches and reach the far side of your car mirror even while sitting. Allowing you to easily create a clearer, non-streaky car window vision in just a simple wipe for a much comfortable and safer road trip! Making it a great assistance especially during unexpected drizzle, storm, snow, and unwanted road splashes.  

The 2-in-1 extendable wiper can also collapse back into a compact size after use and be stash space-savingly anywhere easily accessible. It even promotes a non-slip, ergonomic handle that can be securely grip even with wet hands for easier maneuverability. No worries as this ultimate car squeegee can smoothly glide through glass to prevent any scratch, marks, and damages left behind. Suitable for cleaning and drying off all different vehicle types side mirrors, wind shields, car side windows, and even for regular mirrors and glass. Made with premium quality materials that guarantees you long-term everyday usage without wearing-off.   

Effortlessly push water off your side road view for a much safer car ride using this universal 2-in-1 telescopic car squeegee wiper!


  • 2-in-1 Cleaning Squeegee
    A high-performance car window cleaning tool featuring a microfiber cloth head and a flat, smooth rubber blade squeegee on the other side. Allowing you to effectively clean dirt, dust, stain, and water marks from your glass and swiftly remove and dry the residual water away without the need for another tool. What’s more? This 2-in-1 window wiper adopts an advanced material that promises to scrub out hard-to-remove buildup much faster and more thoroughly than any standard cleaner. Delivering you with a clearer, non-streak finish for that maximum vision and safer road trip no matter the weather conditions are. 

  • Telescopic Style
    This window wiper promotes a smart extendable design which enables it to be fully stretched up to an impressive 38 inches. It allows you to conveniently clean and wipe off pesky liquids away anytime even while comfortably sitting down on the driver or passenger’s seat. Saving you from the need to constantly come out to clear off your mirror view or the struggle of reaching out to the sides with a towel everytime it rains. Moreover, this telescopic squeegee can also easily collapse back into a much more compact size after each use. You can neatly stash it inside your vehicle’s glove box, compartment, or any places where the driver can see and grab at hand without taking up much space. Making a great helper while on the road especially for an unexpected drizzle, storm, snow, and unwanted road splashes.  

  • Ergonomic Design
    The 2-in-1 telescopic mirror squeegee is super light in the hands and it provides a non-slip, well-cushioned handle. It offers you much easier and comfortable maneuverability with a secured gripping at all times even for those with sweaty or wet palms. Furthermore, this squeegee can be confidently used anytime for your mirror cleaning needs without causing hand fatigue or discomfort. Simply wipe the microfiber head for cleaning out build-ups, fogs, or dirt, then use the squeegee to quickly dry and remove all drops of liquid away, and done. No more chemicals or soap needed anymore and it is applicable for both wet and dry use! 

  • Wide Application
    This ultimate car glass wiper supplies ultra-soft cleaner heads that can smoothly and gently glide through the glass. Making both the microfiber and squeegee to safely dry and remove unwanted particles on your car window surface without leaving a single scratch, marks, and damages behind. Suitable for side mirrors, wind shields, car side windows, and even for regular mirrors and glass materials. No worries as this 2-in-1 tool brings a finesse cleaning with perfectly-size heads that works flexibly around the contours of most surfaces shapes. Great for all different vehicle types, including sedans, trucks, vans, minivans, sports cars, SUVs, UVs, and more possibilities. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-harming microfiber fabric, rubber blade, and plastic material with an excellent cleaning and drying performance. It also strikes an amazing durability that can withstand multiple years of daily usage without wearing-off or breaking. Both the microfiber and rubber head cleaner can be easily rinsed with water and soap to keep off harmful bacterial and odor contamination.


  • Scraper Size: 8.7 x 2.6inches(L*W)
  • Total Length: 38inches
  • Shell Color: Black, Pink

  • Material: Plastic, Metal, Foam


  • 1 x Cithway™ Universal 2-in-1 Telescopic Car Squeegee Wiper

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