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Damaged Screw Extractor Kit (SET OF 6)

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Remove every offending damaged fastener in a swift with the help of this easy-out pro stripped screw extractor bit set!

A must-have 6 piece extractor tool set to every handyman’s toolbox that successfully removes stubborn damaged screws in a breeze. Each bit offers a reliable durability that boasts to cut through metal screw heads and withstand high speed drill rotating. Moreover, this handy set comes in different dual-sided diameter sizes that can fit through most standard screws and power drills. Simply burnish first the stripped screw head, flip the bit, and drill reversely to remove jammed screw, and done. No more time-consuming methods and multiple complicated tools required anymore.  

These stripped screw extractors provide an increased gripping power that prevents them from slipping or flying out as you remove bolts. Providing you a safer and a much effortless extraction process to all of your various projects. No worries as these easy-out extractor bits can be smoothly inserted and dislodge anytime for a quicker swapping. The perfect helpers for beginners, DIYers, homeowners, carpenters, mechanics, woodworkers, industrialists, and so much more. Made of premium alloy material with superior hardness that promises to last several years of extracting tough screws without damaging. 

Say goodbye to stuck screws and quickly move on to your projects using this easy-out pro stripped screw extractor bit set!


  • Professional Extractor Kit
    A 6 piece heavy-duty double-sided stripped screw extractor set that comes in different diameter measurements on both ends. It comes in 2-3mm, 3-5mm, 4-8mm, 4-8mm, 5-10mm, and 6-12mm that can seamlessly fit through to most common screw sizes. Each extractor is durable enough to cut through soft metal and withstand high speed rotating for an overall smooth extraction process. Allowing you to effortlessly remove broken, seized, and other hard-to-extract damaged screws or bolts in no time. 

  • Powerful Hold
    This high-performance screw extractor bit set offers an excellent hold to both the screw and drill tool. They perfectly embedded themselves into place and increased grip with each resistance to prevent them from dangerously slipping or flying off while operating. Providing you a safer and smooth stripped screw extracting to all of your different at home projects or repairing works.  

  • Easy to Use
    The easy-out screw extractor bits adopt a user-friendly operation that enables you to extract with just 3 quick steps! Simply drill and burnish first the damaged screw head, flip the bit and reverse the drill rotation to extract the jammed, broken screw quickly, and you're done. No more multiple tools needed or the complicated and confusing steps that only slows your project more. 

  • Wide Compatibility
    These professional extractors supply different diameter sizes that can securely hold the screws and most electric or power drills of different models. No worries as each extractor bit supports a clear printed size number that is etched on their side to avoid confusion and the need to hunt down compatible pieces. They can also be easily inserted and dislodge through drills for a quick swapping. Suitable for beginners, DIYers, homeowners, carpenters, mechanics, woodworkers, industrial, and more possibilities. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, high-speed alloy steel material that boasts a remarkable hardness for that additional durability and long-wearing performance. It can hold out against multiple years of daily usage without damaging, deforming, or corrosion. Additionally, these 6 piece stripped screw extractors can work effectively and quickly with not a single harm on your drill tool.


  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • 1 SET of Cithway™ Damaged Screw Extractor Kit (SET OF 6)

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