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Drop-proof Car Windshield Washer Fluid Tank Lid(2PCS)

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Protect your overall windshield washer system with this Drop-proof Car Windshield Washer Fluid Tank Lid!

This automotive Washer Fluid Tank Lid provides the best tightened sealing performance that shuts all debris and dirt out. It prevents your washer’s liquid system from drying out, unwanted build-up, and blockage that might cause functionality decline. Featuring a convenient twist-on style that allows a quick and easy opening and closing at all times for when you're refilling or fixing. The perfect replacement and back-up cap for emergencies or to switch up missing or already damaged car’s washer cap. Simply remove the old cap first, place the ring to the reservoir container’s body, insert the cap, close it to seal, and done!     

The car washer fluid tank lid is exceptionally built with good alignment and a nice fitting that can go through the original frame panel. Allowing it to seamlessly seal and make full compatibility with any Ford focus vehicle of models 2012-2018. This washer fluid tank lid does not also leave scratches behind and is tough enough to stay fixed and avoid breaking or getting sucked in. What’s more? It adopts great heat resistance to ensure that it can hold out to the engine's intense temperature without melting or deformation. Made with premium materials which guarantees you a long-term usage without wearing-off and rusting.     

Keep out all debris from accumulating your windshield washer system and seal it off using this drop-proof windshield washer fluid tank lid! 


  • Excellent Sealing Performance
    A trusty windshield washer fluid tank lid that is specially constructed just like your vehicle’s original equipment part. It features a remarkable water and air tight sealing capability to ensure that not a single liquid, debris, or dirt could dome out and enter as long as it is shut. Eliminating the risk of unwanted build-up and blockage that might cause future damages to the windshield water functionality. Making it a great tool to replace your missing or already damaged washer cap and keep the fluid in the tank.

  • Drop-Proof Tank Lid
    This car fluid tank lid supports an ergonomic design which makes it much easier, comfortable, and safe for the hands to open and close unlike with other caps. It even offers an impressive anti-drop quality thanks to its built-in ring feature that’s connected to the main cover lid. Allowing you to confidently open the cap and pour liquids without the need to hold the cap anymore and the worries of it falling off from hard to reach areas. Ideal especially when you have to carry heavy liquid refillment that needs both hands. 

  • Non-Damaging Seal
    This automotive windshield washer lid can rest nicely into position without causing any scratches and other damages. Its tightened sealing does not also produce enough of a pressure drop to harm the reservoir bottle container. Furthermore, this windshield washer cap is also tough enough to stay fixed and withstand from breaking and being sucked in which can also leave damages.

  • Quick and Easy Installation
    The car reservoir lid can effectively and directly seal onto the windshield washer container in no time without the complicated steps anymore! Simply remove the old washer lid, place the ring first through the washer’s bottle body, then gently put the lid close to seal tightly, and you're all done. No worries as it adopts a twist-on style that can be effortlessly open and shut swiftly anytime when needed for fixing or filling your reservoir’s tube.

  • Wide Compatibility
    This tight sealing windshield washer lid can fit seamlessly to any Ford focus vehicle of models 2012-2018. Suitable for Sedan Mk3.5 (3rd Gen) Facelift, Sedan Mk3 (3rd Gen), ford focus hatchback, ford focus estate, ford focus ST, ford focus RS, ford focus saloon, and so much more. It is also portable enough to be carried or stashed inside your car’s glove compartment or storage to serve as a replacement backup when needed.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic thickened ABS plastic materials with an excellent heat-resistant, durability, and sealing ability. It can hold out against the car’s engine heat and several years of usage without melting, rusting, and damaging. This windshield reservoir lid does not also emit any funky odors and chemicals to ensure the vehicle and its engine’s overall functionality.    
  • Material: ABS
  • Inner Diameter: 51mm
  • 2pc x Drop-proof Car Windshield Washer Fluid Tank Lid

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