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Cithway™ Easy Waistband Drawstring Threader

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Save yourself from the miserable task of passing drawstring through your pants by hand and use this Easy Waistband Drawstring Threader!


This needle-like tool comes with a long and rigid design which allows you to successfully pass any band in your pants with ease and speed. All styles adopt a fine hole that can thread a variety of cloth bands like drawstrings, elastic bands, ribbon, straps, rope, and such. Simply place the drawstring to the tool’s eye/hole, pass it through until the drawstring encircles the pant’s waist, remove the tool, fix the rope, and you're good to go. No need to constantly buy new trousers again when they get loose or overly stretched out! 

The elastic waistband replacement tool is lightweight and it promotes a non-slip, ergonomic design for better gripping and control. Also slim enough to fit smoothly even to the tightest of pants waist with no issues. What’s more? This threader tool does not consist of any harmful material to ensure that you can insert or replace the band anytime without leaving damages. Suitable for various pants waistbands and shirt cuffs, including shorts, bathing suits, jackets, denims, joggers, cargo pants, jogging pants, sleeping wear, and even for bags. Made with premium stainless steel which promises to withstand years of usage without rusting or breaking.  

Keep your favorite pants perfectly fit and stretchy with this elastic waistband piercing device!  


  • Re-insert Drawstring In A Breeze!
    A handy waistband drawstring replacement tool featuring a long and sturdy stainless steel needle-like shape. Allowing you to smoothly thread the drawstring and place it quickly encircling to the waist of any pants for a secure and comfortable stretch fit. Saving you from the time-consuming application or replacing by hand and the struggle of wearing loose bottoms due to overstretched waistband. What’s more? No worries as each design offers a fine, widened hole that’s applicable for threading drawstrings, elastic bands, ribbon, straps, and other pants rope.
  • Ergonomic Design
    Device is super light on the hands and is specially constructed with a non-slip, ergonomic lengthened body. Providing you a secured, comfortable gripping and a much easier maximum maneuverability at all times. All drawstring threader style is burr-free to ensure that they can smoothly enter through the pants waist without ruining the fabric or leaving scratches on your hands. Each design is also slim enough to fit into even the tightest pants waist completely fuss free. Moreover, you can use it for a prolonged period without experiencing hand fatigue during and after the drawstring replacement.
  • Quick and Easy to Use
    Can perfectly replace your desired drawstring into your loose pants in no time. Simply insert the rope to the eye/hole of the tool, insert the end head to the pants waist, then gently pass it through the garment until the rope is fully inserted. After that, just remove the threader tool, fix the pants, and you're all done. No more complicated sewing or the need to difficulty insert the rope by hands anymore. Ideal for beginners, professional seamstress/seamster, DIYers, mothers, grandmothers, and such.   

  • Wide Application 
    Can be used for a variety of daily use and drawstring replacement of different clothing. Suitable for different pants waistbands and shirt cuffs like shorts, bathing suits, jackets, denims, joggers, cargo pants, jogging pants, sleeping wear, and more possibilities. This innovative tool is also applicable for putting in drawstring or elastic bands on different fabrics aside from clothes and even for bags.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality stainless steel material with an excellent durability and rust-resistance capabilities. It can impressively withstand several years of daily drawstring piercing or replacement without breaking, tarnishing, and other damages. This drawstring threader tool is perfectly gentle on all fabrics to ensure that it can smoothly pass through without harming your OOTDs. 


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Length: 24cm 


  • 1 x Easy Waistband Drawstring Threader

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