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Foldable Kitchen Towel Dishcloth Rack

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Keep your hand towels dry and ready to use with this foldable kitchen dishcloth hanger! 

This 4-armed rack efficiently hangs multiple dishcloths at once and keeps them within reach and perfectly organized. Allowing you to easily wipe down counters or countless dishes anytime and let your rags be hung after each use for quick drying. No worries as each bar is well-spaced so they can work separately without the towels touching each other for optimal hygiene. Moreover, this rug hanger is completely smooth so you can swiftly hang and snatch towels off without unwanted snagging. Making it an elegant solution for freeing up counter space and storing your  dishcloths, hand towels, napkins, napery, dust cloth, and more possibilities.     

The dishcloth hanger provides a convenient folding design that enables it to be stored space-savingly when not in use. It can also stand stably to almost any flat surface, including kitchen counters, sinks, bathrooms, dining tables, desk, and so on. This folding rack can also be placed vertically, horizontally, or other standing positions to accommodate your needed storing needs. Perfect not only for hanging in towels, but also for holding up mugs and glass bottles after washing. Made with premium quality materials that can withstand daily usage without damaging and any environmental corrosion.  

No more scattered everyday towels on your counters with this foldable kitchen dishcloth hanger! 


  • Perfect Dishcloth Rack
    A convenient kitchen hanger featuring 4 well-spaced, sturdy bars that can hold multiple rags at the same time. Allowing you to easily keep all your dishcloths organized and clean at one accessible place. Each bar can effectively hang towels separately without disturbing or touching each other for optimal hygiene. Moreover, it also creates a much better ventilation which makes drying the rags after each use much quicker. Preventing them from building up germs, bacterias, and nasty strong odors. Free up your countertops and hang your dishcloths, hand towels, napkins, napery, dust cloth, and so on.

  • Innovative Design
    This dishcloth rack is constructed expertly with complete smoothen structure to prevent unwanted scratching and snagging. It enables you to swiftly hang and snatch towels off anytime without getting damaged. The rag hanger can also stand stably with or without the towel to any flat surface, including countertops and tables. Furthermore, it offers an impressive load bearing capacity that can withstand the weight of a damp towel without breaking or falling over.
  • Highly Space Saving
    The drying dishcloth hanger provides a smart collapsible design that allows it to be stored folded when not in use. You can even neatly stash it inside bags with great ease when you go on travels, vacations, apartments, dormitories, hotels, and such. No worries as this towel rack can stay unfolded on countertops while still saving much more space. Providing you an attractive, non-bulky addition to keep your towels within reach for cleaning up spills or drying up dishes and such.

  • Wide Application
    This folding towel rack supplies free standing capabilities for maximum versatility. It can be placed vertically, horizontally, and other standing positions to accommodate your different storing needs. Suitable for hanging various mini towels and dish cloths or holding in cups and bottles after cleaning. Available in colors blue, gray, and pink which can stylishly complement any home decor. Perfect for your kitchen sinks, countertops, dining tables, bathrooms, apartments, and dormitories.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic PP plastic materials with excellent durability and long-lasting performance. It can hold out against daily wear and tear, molds, oils, water, and physical stress. Additionally, this dishcloth hanger does not rust so it won’t leave any stain and ruin your towels.  

  • Material: PP
  • Size: ~20 x 16 x 25cm
  • Weight: 95g
  • 1 x Foldable Kitchen Towel Dishcloth Rack

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