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Furniture Polishing Nano Crystal Coating Agent

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Easily restores your tile and furniture quality shine and gorgeous appearance only with this polishing nano crystal coating agent!

This nano crystal coating agent comes with a powerful formulation that erases tough stains, dirts, discoloration, and other blemishes. Allowing it to bring back your precious furniture’s brand-new appearance with an additional, stunning mirror-like sheen finish. It is specially formulated to clean and restores safely on various stone surface types even on daily use. Suitable for floorings, furniture, or dining sets with marbled surface, ceramic tile, granite surface, rock slab surface, quartz stone, plasterboard, saponite, wooden surface, and so on.    

The polishing agent offers an impressive protective and hydrophobic performance that forms invisibly on the surface. It effectively keeps water, oils, moisture, stains, dirts, and damages like scratching away for a long-term unblemished quality and radiance. Simply apply the nano crystal agent on your desired surface, wipe it with a cloth to spread and coat evenly, then wait for 24 hours to dry and polish well. Moreover, this shine restoring agent delivers a specialized formula to ensure that it won’t leave streaking and any waxy build up behind. No need to wipe clean again every after application unlike with other products!

Say goodbye to dull-looking, stained furniture and use this polishing nano crystal coating agent!


  • Instant Mirror Shine Effect
    An ultimate polishing nano crystal agent formulated with high cleaning and deep care ingredients. It effectively eliminates all year-long stubborn stains, discoloration, dirts, grimes, marks, and other blemishes. Allowing it to instantly restore your much-loved furniture’s natural appearance and quality back to brand-new. What’s more? This agent also supplies a stunning mirror-like sheen for an additional beautifying effect that would surely ‘wow’ every guest in the house! Perfect for polishing your favorite ancient furniture pieces, floorings, tiles, marbled dining sets, and so on.  

  • Long-Lasting Brightness
    This powerful restoring agent adopts an advanced polymer mixture that penetrates to the deep layers of granite surface. Forming an excellent, invisible protective glossy coating to keep your tile or furniture from scratches and other damages. Furthermore, this polishing agent promotes an unparalleled hydrophobic quality that successfully repels water, moisture, oil, and dirt away. Preventing all liquids and other airborne particles from adhering and staining onto the surface. It offers you an easy-to-clean surface with long-term protection and lasting radiant finish. 

  • Non-Streak Finish
    The nano crystal coating provides every tile and furniture in your house with special polishing care formulation that blocks off unwanted streaking. You can confidently apply it on the surface with not a single waxy build up or sticky residue mess left behind. Providing your tile and furniture surfaces an enhanced and completely crystal-clear high-gloss finish that everyone would envy.    

  • Wide Application
    This shine restorer agent is specially made with gentle formulas that works safely for daily treating and reinforcing of stone surface types. Suitable for marbled surface, ceramic tile, granite surface, rock slab surface, quartz stone, plasterboard, saponite, wooden surface, and such. You can use it for dining table, countertops, solid wood furniture, coffee table, floorings, bathroom, and more possibilities. 
  • Easy to Use
    This furniture polishing nano crystal coating can be directly applied to your desired surface without any confusing mixture needed. Simply wipe the surface that you're polishing on clean and dry first, apply a proper amount of the agent on a towel or directly to the surface, then wipe evenly to spread. After coating, just wait for at least 24 hours for the agent to work and you can now see its gorgeous mirror-like sheen and restoring effect.  


  • Weight: 50ml


  • 1 x Furniture Polishing Nano Crystal Coating Agent

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