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Go-To Folding Gym Travel Bottle

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Easily refill bottle when needed and pack it portably when empty and try this Go-To Folding Gym Travel Bottle!

This packable water bottle features superior folding qualities that allows it to collapse from 22cm long into a compact 6.3cm. It can be stashed inside any bag when empty without taking up too much space so you can store more items into your pack. No worries as it can be simply unfolded back when you need a drink refill and be collapsed once empty when storing. Suitable for travel, vacation, picnic, parks, work, school, business trips, hiking, camping, sports, beach, road trip, and more possibilities. 

The collapsible bottle has an easy to drink on bottle mouth and a patented leak-proof design to prevent any messy spills and drips. You can conveniently tote and transport it even when filled without worrying about your belongings getting wet and ruined. It can also withstand temperatures from -50°C up to 200°C which is perfect for drinking your favorite hot coffee or ice-cold refreshment. Furthermore, this go-to folding bottle can stay sturdy and stable to stand alone on any flat surfaces fully filled or not. Made with premium, food-grade silicone that can hold out against years of usage and collapsing without damage and toxic leaching.

Stay hydrated for your next trips without worrying about storing space with this Go-To Folding Gym Travel Bottle!


  • Ultra-Packable Water Bottle
    A handy go-to water bottle designed with great collapsible qualities which enables its 22cm long body to fold into an impressive 6.3 cm. Allowing it to be neatly and effortlessly tote inside any bag while still saving more room for other items. Additionally, this foldable bottle is extra lightweight which makes it easier to carry and transport anytime, anywhere. Ideal for travel, vacation, picnic, parks, work, school, business trips, hiking, camping, sports, beach, road trip, and so on. Simply fold it when empty to transform into a flatten, compact size and expand it again when you need a drink! No worries as it comes with a silicone band that secures it tight when collapsed to prevent it from unfolding. 

  • Excellent Leak-Proof Performance
    This collapsible travel bottle adopts an excellent watertight sealing screw cap that can be easily open and close at all times. It can be confidently transported from one place to another when filled without any unwanted, messy spillings and splashes even when you shake it. Moreover, its firm closure also lets it be stashed inside your bag without the cap accidentally opening to secure your belongings from being wet and ruined. You can even squeeze it hard with not a single drop of liquid releasing or the cap unfastening unlike with other bottles.  

  • Innovative Design 
    The folding drinking bottle is constructed with an ideal thickness and amazing resistance to extreme heat and cold. It can incredibly withstand temperatures from -50°C up to a maximum 200°C without melting, deforming, cracking, and damaging. Making it a perfect bottle to drink on with your favorite piping hot coffee or ice-cold refreshment. What’s more? It comes with a non-slip, ergonomic hold to provide you a safe and comfortable maximum gripping. This water bottle can also stand sturdy and stably on any flat surfaces when filled or not.    

  • Highly Reusable
    This collapsible water bottle has a widened opening which allows it to be cleaned much easier. It does not retain nasty odors and can be washed simply with water and soap to prevent bacterial build-ups. This folding bottle also promotes superior impact-resistant properties suitable for daily wear and tear. It can hold out against multiple reusability and be exposed for all activities without breakage.  
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, BPA-free silicone material that boasts exceptional durability and leak-proof capabilities. Making it the perfect packable bottle that can last an endless year of usage without scratching, deforming, and other damages. It does not leach and is 100% safe to be in direct contact with any food and beverages. Furthermore, this collapsible bottle can hold up to 20 oz (600mL) of liquids when unfolded to keep you refreshed and hydrated.  


  • Material: Food-Grade Silicone
  • Color: Eucalyptus Leaf / Grey / Pink / Cyan / Dark Blue

  • Capacity: 20oz(600ml)
  • Size: Please refer to the image below


  • 1 x Go-To Folding Gym Travel Bottle

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