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Invisible Ring Size Adjuster Support Set (8PCS)

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Don’t ever let your beloved fashion bands slip through your finger and use this invisible ring size adjuster set!

This 8 piece set of crescent-shaped adjusters hugs securely to the base of the ring and provides the right tightness for that perfect fitting. It lets you make a quick and easier adjustment to any of your loose rings without the need to resize them or buy a new one. Saving you from the annoying band slipping out or worse falling off and getting lost forever. What’s more? The set comes in 8 different sizes that work on a plethora of ring styles like wedding bands, diamond rings, fashion rings, antique rings, friendship rings, thicker cocktail rings, and such. You can now show off and wear your precious jewelry with great comfort and full confidence!    

The ring size adjusters are designed with excellent transparency and simplicity that would stay totally invisible to the eyes. It enables you to still wear your pretty ring without any awkward inner support peeking out and downgrading the look of your accessory. Moreover, these adjusters are lightweight and they do not harm your finger or cause irritations for an all day long maximum comfort wearing. No worries as they do not also leave unwanted damages, discoloration, or corrosion to your expensive rings. Made with high-grade silicone that promises a long years of services without wearing-off. 

Ring got a little to lose after years or made a size miscalculation? Resize it to your perfect fitting only with this invisible ring size adjuster set!


  • Excellent RIng Adjusters
    A handy 8 piece set of inner supports that hugs securely around the base of the ring to create a comfortable, perfect fitting. Allowing you to easily adjust the right tightness of your precious jewelry without the need to get it resized at the local jeweler or buy a new one. You can now confidently wear your ring anytime without the awkward looseness or the fear of slipping it out of your fingers and accidentally get lost. Making it a great solution for those who bought the wrong sizes, recently lost some weight, or those whose ring size fluctuates due to season changes. 
  • Perfect Discrete Look
    Specially-designed with simplicity and highly transparent appearance. It can smartly be wrapped through any ring bands while staying totally invisible that no one would even know you're wearing one. Providing you the right ring fitting without it downgrading the quality or look of your accessory and awfully peeking out for everyone to see.
  • Comfortable to Wear
    Completely light so they won’t trouble and weigh you down during use. These 8 adjusters do not also cause harm to your skin and they feature an ultra-smooth surface that feels like absolutely nothing on the finger. They enable you to meet that correct fitting while ensuring you an all day and night long high comfort wearing. Moreover, the adjusters also protect the ring from being damaged due to frictional force when wearing or removing them, and holding something in your hand.   
  • Easy Clip-On Design
    Feature impressive flexible qualities and a clip-on application that attached securely to the ring band effortlessly in a blink. Simply clip the right adjuster size around the base of the ring, wear your ring, and you're good to go. The adjusters come in 8 different sizes, including 1-1.5mm, 1.5-2.5mm, 2.5-3.5mm, 3.5-4mm, 4-5mm, 5-7mm, 7-8mm, and 8-10mm. Suitable for a variety of ring styles like wedding bands, diamond rings, fashion rings,antique rings, friendship rings, thicker cocktail rings, and more possibilities.   
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly thickened silicone material that boasts great durability and elasticity. Each inner ring adjusters can withstand multiple years of service without deforming, breaking, or accumulating molds. They can be used daily and get into direct contact on the skin with not a single irritation, pain, or discomfort. Lastly, these ring adjusters do not scratch the ring or create discoloration and corrosion even as you leave them on.   


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size as below:


  • 8 x Ring Size Adjusters

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