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Kitchen Pot Rim Spill-Proof Pouring Spout

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Make soup pouring even quicker and easier without the messy splashes using this pot rim spill-proof pouring spout!

This soup funnel spout is specially designed to attach to your pot rim and promote a spill-free, effortless pouring. Featuring a fine curvature that naturally guides all liquids like soup, oil, and water to smoothly and quickly flow along the opening. Saving your kitchen counters or tabletops from the messy food splashes everywhere. It adopts an excellent clamp-like installation that can securely attach on most pots and bowls edge with great ease. Allowing you to confidently pour without the pot spout constantly repositioning or falling over. Suitable for soup pot, saucepan, saucier, fry pan, stockpot, bowls and more possibilities. 

The anti-spill rim deflector offers an exceptional extreme temperature resistance performance. It can withstand even the hottest, freshly boiled liquid without deforming, melting, or cracking. No worries as this pouring spout can be confidently attached and removed anytime with not a single scratches and marks left behind. Made of premium silicone material that can withstand years of daily usage without wear and tear. Moreover, it is completely toxic-free to avoid any leaching and ensure the user’s safety and health. 

Keep your kitchen sprinkle-free clean with this  pot rim spill-proof pouring spout!


  • Non-Spill Pour Spout
    An innovative kitchen helper that attaches instantly to pot edge and provides an easier, mess-free pouring. It is designed in a well-curved spout style that naturally guides all liquids to flow much smoothly along the opening. Allowing you to directly pour soup or oil from your cooking bowl to another container without the nasty spills, edge drips, and messy splashes everywhere. It eliminates the inconvenience of wiping back and forth all dried up spills and from wasting up food. No worries as this pot spout supplies a wide mouth for a faster non-spill pouring and it can completely transfer all soup and its spicess. 

  • Super Strong Hold
    This anti-spill pouring spout features a clamp-like installation that can securely attach to most bowls and pots. You can confidently tilt and pour liquids into another container without the spout creating even a single movement. Preventing it from constant repositioning, falling over, and accidental spillage. Furthermore, this pot edge funnel also enables you to effortlessly grab the pot with both hands for more control and convenient pouring. 

  • Excellent Toughness 
    The handy pot edge funnel is specially constructed with an impressive resistance against extreme heat and cold. It can perfectly withstand temperatures from above 200°C and down to as low as -60°C without deforming, melting, cracking, and other damages. This rim deflector can be used even for pouring freshly boiled, piping hot soup with not a problem!   

  • Wide Application
    This soup spout funnel can attach snuggly to most bowl rims with no fuss and great speed. Suitable for soup pot, saucepan, saucier, fry pan, stockpot, bowls and such for a non-spill, easy pouring of your soup, oils, water, and other liquids! The rim deflector is completely smooth so you can fasten and remove it anytime to your pot without leaving unwanted scratches and marks. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, 100% food-grade thickened silicone material with an exceptional curvature design and durable performance. It can withstand daily exposure to extreme heat for multiple years without wearing-off. Moreover, this spill-proof pouring spout can be in direct touch with any food with not any toxic leaching to ensure safety and health at all times. 


  • Material: Food-Grade Silicone


  • 1 x Kitchen Pot Rim Spill-Proof Pouring Spout

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