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Magic Cleaning Car WIndshield Wiper Repair Brush

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Keep your vehicle’s wiper super clean and functioning only with this magic cleaning car windshield wiper repair brush!  

This pro-quality multi-tasking wiper brush promotes an excellent cleaning and instant restoration performance in just a few easy swipe. It successfully eliminates all stubborn accumulation of dirt that other products can’t, including road grimes, dust, rainwater, and oil. Furthermore, it smooths out your car’s wiper blades old and damaged roughened edges which only cause harm to the windshield. Allowing it to turn any streaking, creaking vehicle’s wiper remarkably clean and on tip top condition to deliver that high-functionality. Making it a great tool to get safer, optimal road visibility during unanticipated storms, rain, snow, and such.   

The car wiper cleaning-repair tool can thoroughly erase unwanted particles and simultaneously restores while remaining very gentle. Preventing it from causing any sort of damage behind the wiper blade that will reduce efficacy like scratches, tears, and deformation. This wiper repair brush is applicable for different car wipers, including sedan, vans, minivans, SUVs, UVs, pickups, hatchbacks, sports cars, and more. Simply glide the brush back and forth over the entire blade, wipe using the included cloth to remove excess residue, and done! Made with the finest material that guarantees to last for multiple years of usage without wearing-off.  

Say goodbye to your streaky and squeaky wiper blades and use this magic cleaning car windshield wiper repair brush!  


  • Excellent Wiper Cleaning
    A high-performance, multi-purpose automotive accessory that is specially designed to deliver maximum cleaning effect.
    Allowing it to eliminate even the toughest of dirt built-ups in just a few easy wipe, including road grimes, dust, airborne particles, rainwater, and such. This brush is also engineered with an impressive microfiber crystal which effectively smooths away your wiper’s blade damaging roughened edge in seconds. Providing you an instant restoration that will transform your streaking, creaking wiper blades with excellent functionality to keep your car window extra spotless. Making it an ideal tool to get that improved, safer visibility during unanticipated storm, rainshower, snow, and more.   

  • Non-Damaging Effect
    Successfully wipe away unwanted dirt accumulation and restore wearing, roughed edge blade with gentleness. It ensures that it can thoroughly make the job done without leaving a single damage behind the wiper. Preventing it from causing scratches, tearing, and other breakage that would reduce its efficacy performance.
  • Wide Application
    Can nicely fit through the edge of various wiper blade types. Suitable for cleaning and repairing different vehicle’s wipers like sedan, vans, minivans, SUVs, UVs, pickups, hatchbacks, sports cars, and more possibilities. This innovative device is also slim and compact enough to be carried easily anytime, anywhere for a quick and easy cleaning. You can stash it neatly through your car glove compartment, car organizers, bags, and such without taking up much space. 
  • Easy to Use
    Supplies a direct, trouble-free design that will keep your wiper in tip-top condition in no time. Simply slide the brush on to the wiper’s edge, gently glide it back and forth over the entire blade to clean and repair. After that, just wipe it using the included cloth to remove residues, repeat it to the other blade, and done. No more complicated mixing liquid soap solution, water rinsing, or the need to replace your windshield wiper anymore!

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-aggressive material with an amazing durability and the perfect balance of cleaning and repairing effect. It can hold out against several years of usage without damaging, rusting, and weakening performance. What’s more? This stellar tool can be used confidently anytime and not reduce your wiper’s functionality.   


  • Size: 4.8x12.5cm(Brush); 13x15cm(Cloth)


  • 1 x Magic Cleaning Car WIndshield Wiper Repair Brush
  • 5 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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