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Magic Thickened Cleaning Cloth

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Take cleaning to the highest level with just an easy wipe using this multi-purpose magic cleaning microfiber cloth!

An incredibly soft and thickened towel that adopts an impressively strong cleaning effect and high water absorbency. It can successfully remove tough residue, dirt, dust, stains, and instantly dry out moisture and other liquids in just a wipe. No worries as this towel can deeply clean without leaving scratches, harm, and unwanted water streaks behind. Providing you an immaculately clean, brand new looking surface that would surely make everyone amazed. Suitable for mirrors, windows, glass, appliances, bottles, cups, car windows, eyeglasses, furniture, walls, countertops, microwave, computer screen, phone screen, floors, and so on.   

This magic cleaning towel offers a purposely-built tight woven pattern that enables it to wipe, clean, and dry without linting! Made with premium microfiber fabric that boasts to last years of usage without damaging or wearing-off. Making it a perfect tool for taking the hassle out for all of your minor to large tough messes cleanups around the house, offices, car, and such. Simply wet the towel, wring it, then directly wipe it through the dirtied or wet surface to clean, and you're all done. No worries as this all-purpose cleaning cloth can be easily hand-wash or machine-washed after each use to prevent odor or bacterial built ups.  

Wipe clean and buff dry dirty messes in no time using this multi-purpose magic cleaning microfiber cloth!


  • Streak-Free Strong Cleaning
    A high-performance all-purpose microfiber towel featuring an excellent water absorbency and maximum decontaminating performance. Allowing it to provide an extreme liquid locking, quick-drying, and ability to pick up stubborn dirt, dust, residues, stains, and moisture in just a simple wipe. This cloth can successfully clean thoroughly on surfaces and buff out liquid while remaining gentle to prevent any harmful scratching. Leaving you with brand new looking gorgeous shine and a squeaky clean, streak-free finish glass, steel, and other surfaces each time.      

  • 100% No Linting
    This magic cleaning cloth is specially designed with an intricate, tightly woven construction that can surely work on surfaces without linting. It enables you to polish surfaces or use them to dry and remove those persistent streaks on windows and mirrors with not a single fabric fiber left behind. Making it an ideal cleaning towel alternative to cotton, linens, tissues, and other products that only lints and marks through the surface. 

  • Super Easy and Efficient
    The microfiber towel is a superior cleaning cloth that can deeply wipe through dirt without any complicated methods or chemicals required. Simply wet the towel, wring it out to remove excess liquids, wipe away directly to your desired area to clean, and done. A great, time-saving helper that takes the hassle out of your different cleaning tasks around your home. 
  • All-Purpose Towel
    This versatile cleaning towel can work effectively and safely against glass, stainless steel, and other smooth, non-porous surfaces. Suitable for polishing mirrors, windows, staircase glass, glass doors, appliances, mugs, bottles, cups, car windows, eyeglasses, furniture cabinets, walls, countertops, microwave, computer screen, phone screen, floors, and so on. This thickened, all-purpose towel neatly fits and stays compact through bags and drawers without taking up much space. Perfect for at home use, on the road, office, apartments, dormitories, and more possibilities.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-harming thickened microfiber fabric with amazing cleaning and water absorbent capabilities. It boasts an impressive durability that can withstand years of usage and multiple washes without wearing-off or linting. Moreover, this magic cleaning microfiber can be easily hand-wash or machine-washed to clean and prevent bacterial contamination.


  • Size:  S / M / L / XL

  • Recommended Surface Application: Multi-Surface
  • Recommended Product Application: Multi-Purpose
  • Material: Polyester, Microfiber


  • 1 x Magic Thickened Cleaning Cloth

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