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Cithway™ Magnetic Floor Register Protective Mesh Cover

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No more food clogging in or bugs crawling out through vents only with this floor register protective mesh cover!

This 4/6 piece set air vent screen adopts a nice, mesh design that fully covers floor register, ceiling register, and wall register. It provides an excellent protective quality that successfully stops harmful pests from freely crawling in and wandering your space. This mesh cover even works by blocking all food and objects from falling through to keep your vents clean and free from unwanted clogging. What’s more? It offers a superior nano back adhesion that clings securely on any floor register style and can be easily installed in a breeze. The protective mesh can stay in place even as you sweep, vacuum or walk through it unlike with magnetic covers!     The floor register mesh screen also supports remarkable ventilation and helps in collecting air particles from passing through. Providing you with the best vent coverage while still maintaining a safe and better air circulation in your home. It comes in different size selections that can fit snuggly and hold firmly on all different floor registers measurements. Available in 4x10inch, 4x12inch and 6x14inch. Made with premium, non-toxic materials that promises to withstand long-lasting years of protective coverage without wearing-off. 

Keep your vents clean and your space pests-free using this floor register protective mesh cover!


  • Optimal Floor Vent Coverage 
    A high-grade 1/4 piece set of safety cover fabric that can be directly placed on top of your entire floor register to serve as an excellent barrier. Featuring a superior interlaced mesh strand that successfully traps the annoying pests like cockroaches, bugs, mice, and such from entering your space. It even helps to prevent food and other smaller stuff from accidentally falling and getting lost through the floor register to keep the vent clean and from clogging. Additionally, its 100% coverage design ensures that not even a single grain or miniscule creepy crawlies could escape from the mesh.     

  • Excellent Ventilation
    Supports great ventilation performance that enables air to freely flow in and out. Allowing you to have the best safety coverage while still maintaining the purpose of your floor register. The mesh feature also operates in collecting dust, sand, dirt, and other air particles. It effectively provides a good and healthy circulation all the time without the harmful pests and debris coming in or your food falling through anymore.   

  • Ultra-Strong Magnetism 
    Adopts a powerful magnetic frame tape that can securely attach on the floor register. Preventing them from repositioning or for making a slight movement even when you sweep, vacuum or walk through it unlike with magnetic installation. Moreover, it lays perfectly flat on the floor and supplies a nice, seamless design that can blend perfectly through any floor register style. Providing you impressive coverage while staying invisible so it won’t compromise the aesthetic appeal of your vent. No worries as the nano tape does not weaken even after daily exposure to moisture and humid environments.

  • Quick and Easy Installation
    Can be installed in no time without the complicated tools and methods needed. Simply peel-off the protective film from the tape behind, align the mesh cover on the floor register, gently press to adhere, and done. Available in a variety of sizes selections that can fit through all different floor registers measurements. It can snuggly adhere and offers protection for floor register, ceiling register, and wall register.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, PVC plastic materials and nano adhesion that delivers a remarkable durability and coverage performance. It can productively protect and be used for multiple years of usage without it breaking and getting ripped unlike with other products. Furthermore, the floor register mesh cover is built with extra toughness and firm adhesion that are sure to stop pests from forcibly entering through.  


  • Material: Mesh
  • Size: 4*10inch / 4*12inch / 6*14inch
  • Color: Black


  • 1 x Magnetic Floor Register Protective Mesh Cover

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