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Multifunctional Car Hanging Trash Bin

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 Have a mess-free, enjoyable road tripping with this multifunctional car hanging dustbin!

This mini dustbin comes with a sturdy back hook that can be hung stably to your back seats and car doors without any obstruction. It allows you to throw all of your on-the-road wastes anytime at an accessible place. Keeping your vehicle’s interior free from the pile of snack wrappers, candies, crumbs, tissues and such. It features a smart self-leveling spring lid that you can easily push to dump trash and will gently close back after use in a secured seal. It helps to hide all of your garbage and ensures that no odors and items would come out even as you drive through uneven roads.     

The hanging waste bin is also equipped with a convenient flip cover for an easy disposal of trash when it's already filled. It is completely watertight so you can even pour liquids in and throw wet wipes or plastic wraps without leaking. Moreover, this portable dustbin has a stable base that can stand on any flat surface. Making it an ideal addition not only for your car, but also for bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, dormitories, apartments, and more possibilities.    

Keep yourself from throwing trash out of the car and use this multifunctional car hanging dustbin! 


  • Mini Hanging Car Trash Can
    A compact size car dustbin with an optimum storing capacity which can hold all of your road trips garbage at an accessible place. It hangs discreetly and unobstructedly to give you more room for other items and for a comfortable leg space. Allowing you to have a neat car interior and an enjoyable driving experience. You don’t have to restrain yourself anymore to munch those tasty snacks or throw rubbish out of the car when on the road!    

  • Press-Type Lid
    Equipped with a self-leveling spring lid that can be simply pushed to open and automatically closes back when force is gone. The trash can is fully sealed to ensure that no odors would emit and spread inside your vehicle. It also helps to hide your daily road travel clutter and keep them from falling out even when you drive on bumpy areas or hit a hard brake. Additionally, this dustbin features a flip cover that provides a wide opening for an easy disposal after use.

  • Hangable Design
    The mini dustbin comes with a sturdy back clip that can be hung to your car’s door or even the back seat with great stability. It does not cause any scratches or other damage so you can smoothly place and remove it anytime. Furthermore, this portable hanging trash can has a flat base which also allows it to stand steadily alone on the center console.

  • Wide Application
    This handy waste bin can hold different trashes like snack wrappers, fruit peels, peanuts, candies, tissues, wipes, cigarettes and such. It is also completely watertight so you can throw in small used to-go cups, tiny bottles, or even water itself without any leaks. The dustbin can be even used as a storage box for your on-the-road everyday necessities and more. A perfect addition not only for your car, but also for bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, dormitories, apartments, and so on.

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality ABS material with an exceptional impact and scratch resistance. It can withstand continuous years of use without a single wear. This car hanging dustbin can also be rinsed effortlessly with water to remove foul smell and residues. 


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 15.5 x 6.5 x 14cm
  • Color: Black / Pink / White


  • 1 x Multifunctional Car Hanging Trash Bin

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