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Multishape Food Cutter Set

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Make meal time even exciting and creative with this mini fun shaped food cutter set!

This set of 12 mini cutters can smoothly deliver a perfect, clean-cut of your favorite shapes into most pastries, fruits, and vegetables. It enables you to magically turn your dull meals into eye-catching, fun bite-sized food that will surely devour even with fussy eaters. Available in various designs, including heart, star, flower, duckling, mushroom, bear, rabbit, and so on. What’s more? These adorably-shaped cutters can also encourage kids to learn to love eating healthy snacks and not leave them behind. Suitable for shaping sandwiches, carrots, cucumber, dragonfruit, banana, kiwis, cookies, doughs, mini pies, cheese, chocolate, and so on. 

The multipurpose food cutters offer a non-slip, ergonomic silicone hand guard for a safe, secured gripping and optimal control. You can use them for a prolonged period without experiencing hand fatigue, muscle strain, discomfort and injuries. Making them a great helper for beginners, children, mothers, fathers, DIYers, bakers, and such. No worries as these mini fun shaped cutters are non-stick and can be easily cleaned using dishwasher or by hand wash. Made with premium, rust-resistant materials that can hold out against long years of services without damaging and toxic leaching.  

Serve meals into your favorite shapes and make them look extra delectable using this mini fun shaped food cutter set!


  • Mini Food Cutters
    A 12 piece clever set of various shaped cutters that can smoothly slice through foods like pastries, sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables in just a single stamp. Available in heart, star, flower, duckling, mushroom, bear, rabbit, and so on. Allowing you to effortlessly turn your regular meals into a super fun, mouth-watering look that even the pickiest eater would want to devour. They not only add a touch of creativity, but they also encourage kids and help them love eating their dreaded veggies and proteins at a young age. Moreover, this cutter set even comes with 10 pieces of adorable animal food picks that make lunches, treats, and bentos more exciting to eat.

  • Ergonomic Design
    These fun cutters are very lightweight and designed with a non-slip, easy gripping that even your child’s tiny hand can comfortably hold. No worries as all cutters do not contain any harmful edges or surfaces that might scratch the skin. Providing a secured, maximum control that can be used for delivering an exciting, delicious result to every meal without hand fatigue or injuries. Perfect for beginners, children, mothers, fathers, DIYers, bakers, and other enthusiasts. 

  • Fun and Easy DIY
    The mini unique cutters can produce a perfect, clean-cut various shapes into most food with great ease and speed. Simply get the pattern that you want, press the cutter gently onto the food to slice and shape, and you're done. No more complicated steps anymore the need to use multiple tools. These handy cutters’ silicone cups can be removed anytime and they do not retain sticky residue behind crevices. All cutters and food pickers can be safely used inside a dishwasher for a much easier deep cleaning. Preventing unwanted bacterial and odor buildups that might pose harm to the health!

  • Widely-Used Cutters
    These smart multipurpose cutters can be confidently used for shaping a plethora of edibles and making them more exciting to eat. Suitable for sandwiches, carrots, cucumber, dragonfruit, banana, kiwis, cookies, doughs, mini pies, cheese, chocolate, and more possibilities. You can now have a healthy and fun snack, meal times, and lunchbox without your fussy little eater leaving barely touched bread and half-eaten fruits or veggies! 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade stainless steel and thickened silicone hand guard material that boast an impressive durability and toughness. All mini cutters and food pickers can  come into direct contact with any food products without toxic leaching to ensure overall health. They can withstand years of usage and daily washes without rusting, deforming, or easily damaging. 

  • Material: Food-grade stainless Steel, silicone
  • Size: 

  • 6/12pcs x Multishape Food Cutter

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