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Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers Appliques

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Make your shower experience completely accident-free with these safety anti-slip shower stickers!

These safety stickers promote an impressive textured design that provides you with an immediate increase in friction. It enables you to walk or stand even on the most slippery surface with optimal gripping to stay stably upright at all times. Saving you from the risk of experiencing nasty falls and accidental slipping when showering or walking through wet walls. Moreover, these safety stickers adopt a powerful adhesion that can securely grip and turn every smooth surface non-slip. Suitable for bathtubs, shower stall, kitchen, swimming pool, tiled floors, stairs, and other slippery environments.    

The anti-slip protection stickers can withstand daily wear and exposure to water without loosening friction and stickiness. Simply peel-off the protective film, stick them on the floor depending on your desired positioning, press them firmly using the scraper tool to adhere thoroughly, and done. Available in 10 or 20 piece sets and different fun design selections, including aquamarine animals, charming flowers, cute dog paw prints, and animal letters and numbers. Making your dull-looking bathroom much more safer and whimsical for an enjoyable and relaxing shower experience

Keep your feet from sliding around and have a relaxing, slip-free shower using these safety anti-slip shower stickers!


  • Safety Shower Stickers
    A fine pack of reliable bathroom stickers that are specially designed to turn every floor a non-slip, safe to walk on surface. Each strip has a harmless rough like textured design that offers an instant increase in friction for your feet to walk on. It allows you to have an optimal gripping so you can stay stably upright even to constantly wet, slippery surfaces or icy tiled floors. Eliminating the risk of any accidental slippage and falling as you take a soapy shower and walk in or out to your bathroom and other slippy places.   

  • Powerful Gripping
    These anti-slip stickers adopt an ultra-strong back adhesive that can securely grip through different surface types. Suitable for almost all non-textured surfaces, including tiled floors, wooden floors, porcelain, glass, fiberglass, and so much more. Their superior adhesion prevents them from repositioning or making even a single move. Additionally, these stickers do not lose adhesiveness even when exposed to daily moisture and water. Making them a great anti-slip protection to your bathtubs, shower stall, kitchen, swimming pool, tiled floors, stairs, and more possibilities.     

  • Easy Non-Damaging Installation
    The safety shower stickers can be installed in no time with no more complicated steps and extra tools needed. Simply clean the surface you’ll stick on first, peel-off the protective film, stick it and press it firmly using the scraper tool to adhere well, and done. You can freely adhere the stickers depending on the position you’ll think will keep you with maximum fall and slip protection. These stickers can also be rinsed easily with clean water to remove dirt and bacterial build ups. They can be removed smoothly as well without leaving any unwanted marks and nasty sticky residues behind.  

  • Various Fun Shapes
    These protective stickers come with different colorful designs that would surely make your bathroom more decorative and fun. Available in aquamarine animals, charming flowers, cute dog paw prints, and animal letters and numbers. Each sticker style is wide enough to provide the best gripping needed once they’re stepped on. Moreover, the stickers have a 10 and 20 piece pack selection which are enough to occupy a large surface area.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality PEVA materials with amazing adhesiveness and anti-slip gripping performance. They can be stepped on daily and be exposed to humid environments without deforming or loosening friction and stickiness. These safety shower stickers do not also easily fade with time or multiple washing. Furthermore, they also do not emit any strong toxic odors to ensure safety and health at all times.


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