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Portable Outdoor Picnic Mat

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Keep yourself extra comfy and dry on all of your picnicking endeavors and gear up with this portable outdoor picnic mat!

This picnic mat has a large capacity design that can accommodate from up to 6 adults with more room for all your packed goods. Featuring a thickened fabric that can successfully dull minor bumps or mini rocks and hold out against hard or soft surfaces. It adopts a great moisture-proof backing that repels any liquid from seeping in to keep you dry even on dewy grass and damp grounds. A perfect company for park picnics, backyards, beach, camping, hiking, soccer games, outdoor concerts, and other alfresco dining or outdoor activities.      

The picnic blanket supplies an excellent softness and protection that will keep you seated or laid comfortably during picnic time. It offers an integrated storage folding method with a sturdy handle that makes it turn into a portable folded bag for more convenience. This picnic mat also comes with strong velcro to secure it from getting unfolded when getting moved and carried. What’s more? It can resist stains or nasty spills and can be cleaned with great speed with just a simple wiping after each use. Made with premium, skin-friendly fabric material that can withstand multiple years of wear and tear. 

Have a cozy picnic day out with family and friends using this portable outdoor picnic mat!


  • Multi-Use Picnic Blanket
    An ultimate on-the-go accessory for a perfect picnic experience designed with suitable large capacity sizing. It can accommodate multiple adults and children alike with more space for your food, beverages, and basket to lay on. This mat supplies an impressive toughness that can hold out against the hardest or softest of surfaces. Great for both indoor and outdoor use including parks, backyards, beach, camping, hiking, soccer games, outdoor concerts, and more possibilities.       

  • Highly Comfortable
    This picnic mat is constructed of a thickened fabric with an excellent softness to be comfortably to sit or lay on at all times. It is also completely smooth-to-touch to ensure that it can be used with not a single harming, scratches, and any other discomfort. Making it the best and safer mat to provide a barrier between you and any ground for every of your picnic adventures. The picnic blanket’s thick feature also enables it to be left laying alone outside even on the windy days without getting blown off. Additionally, it is wrinkle-free and non-slip so you can freely sit it on and not create a single budging, folding or annoying fabric creases unlike with regular mats.  

  • Perfectly Moisture-Proof 
    The versatile outdoor mat adopts a fine cushioned backing with a superior moisture proofing performance. It thoroughly blocks off every liquid and moisture from seeping in and getting wet. Allowing it to be laid on damp lawns and other moistened surfaces while keeping you dry and protected for maximum sitting comfort. This picnic blanket can be also accidentally spilled on without absorbing water so you can wipe and clean it after each use with great ease and speed. No worries as it does not trap or retain any peculiar smell.  

  • Easy to Transport
    This must-have picnic blanket is highly lightweight and it offers a smart integrated storage folding method with a sturdy handle. It allows it to turn into a compact, highly portable size and bag-like style after folding. It even provides a powerful velcro which lets you carry the folded mat without spreading out. You don’t have to stash it into a storage bag anymore and simply fold and move it from one place to another with great ease! 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly thickened non-woven synthetic fabric with an upgraded, firm hemming and durability. It does not easily get ripped on or torn and can withstand an endless picnic adventure without wearing-off. Available in varying sizes and trendy colors for you to choose on to meet your different needs.


  • Material: Non-Woven Synthetic Fabric
  • Color: Yellow / Red / Green

  • Size: Please refer to the image below


  • 1 x Portable Outdoor Picnic Mat

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