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Pressure Relief Chair Armrest Elbow Pad

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Rest your arms into proper position as you sit only with these high-comfort desk chair arm pads! 

This pair of armrest pads are ergonomically designed so you can successfully rest and place your arms into a relaxed, proper position. They also feature superior softness and an optimal coverage that fits the arms all the way to your wrist with an all day long comfort. Providing you the perfect overall support to reduce risk of injuries and prevent fatigue, tensions, stress, and pressure. These arm pads adopt a resilient memory foam that softens along the curves of your arm and returns back to their natural form after use. Suitable for those spending prolonged time in front of the desk or computer for school, work, game, watching videos, net surfing, and more. 

The high-comfort armchair support pads offer a non-slip base and extra-long velcro straps that secure the cushion stably in place. It enables you to freely move around without annoyingly needing to reposition the pads back. Moreover, this pair of supportive arm pads can snuggly fit through a variety of standard armchairs. Great for office armchairs, gaming armchairs, swiveling armchairs, desk armchairs, wheelchairs, and so on. Made with premium, medical grade foam that boasts to withstand years of daily usage without deforming or wearing-off.    

✅Minimize arm pressure as you work in front of your computer using these high-comfort desk chair arm pads! 


  • Everlasting Comfort 
    A fine pair of armrest pads that are professionally-constructed with an ergonomically designed thickened, memory foam. Each pads naturally place your arms all the way to your wrist into a proper and relaxed position to give them maximum support as you sit on work. Providing you instant good relief to reduce risk of injuries as well as alleviating painful pressure to prevent fatigue, tensions, and pressure even after a prolonged period. The arm support pads adopt a wide area which fits your arms and elbows to most comfortably and a non-irritating smooth surface. Ideal especially for those spending a lot of time in front of the desk and computer for schooling, work, gaming, watching videos/movies, net surfing, and such.

  • Stays Perfectly In Place
    These desk chair arm pads come with built-in extra-lengthened velcro straps that securely hold the cushions stably in one place. They also supply an anti-skidding base to ensure that the pads would really stay firm. Allowing you to still move around comfortably as you work, study, or game without any slipping or the need to constantly reposition the pads back. Moreover, the armrest pads can be easily inserted and removed anytime into the chair.

  • Excellent Memory Foaming
    The arm support pads promote an advanced, medical-grade resilient memory foam and cozy fluffiness. These chair arm pads naturally mold along the curves and natural lines of your arms and allow them to successfully return to its original shape after each use. Delivering you with a much greater comfort while remaining amazingly supportive unlike with other products that only deforms and flattens.

  • Wide Compatibility
    These armrest cushions are specially designed to fit with a variety of standard armchairs with optimal coverage. Suitable office armchair, gaming armchair, swiveling armchairs, desk armchairs, wheelchairs, and more possibilities. Simply insert the pad first in place, buckle the velcro strap to tighten and secure the pad, repeat to the other arm, and you're all done.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly medical grade memory foam material with an exceptional long-lasting durability and resilience. These armchair support pads can withstand daily usage for multiple years without deforming, flattening, molding, and wearing off. Furthermore, they can be deeply and thoroughly cleaned using hand wash or machine wash. 

  • Material: Memory foam, polyester fabric
  • Size:  23.5 x 7.5 x 3cm
  • 1 x Pressure Relief Chair Armrest Elbow Pad

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