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Realistic Horror Fake Blood Makeup

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Make every costume and halloween makeup look like they’ve gone a trek through hell with this realistic horror fake blood 🎃 🩸

This realistic bloody fluid features a bright, blood-like red shade and a thickened, syrupy texture with a consistent, moderate flowingess. Providing you an ultra-realistic and overall gorey look that would surely make even your fearless friend jump in horror. This scary faux blood can create the best fresh-like blood gushing, splattering, and dripping or an excellent old injury effect. Formulated with non-toxic ingredients that can be applied directly even on the most sensitive of skin without irritations or harm. Perfect for making an amazing blood-spattered or bloody look on the face, neck, arms, legs, hands, shoulders, mouth, and other body parts.    

The life-like blood liquid adopts a long-lasting performance that can remain flowy and naturally gruesome all through your night horror. A great additional instrument of terror for costumes, props, murder-scene effect, injuries, minor grazes, haunted house, halloween cosplay, monster, wild creatures, pranks, movies, theatrical, and so on. No worries as this realistic fake blood can be easily removed with just a simple rinsing and any soap. You can confidently apply it to your skin or any surface and easily remove it in no time without staining or leaving awkward marking.  

Create the most unsettling naturalistic blood dripping scene that would horrified everyone using this realistic horror fake blood! 


  • Ultra-Realistic Effect
    A scary realistic go-to faux blood that features a natural bright red shade with a 3D, thickened syrupy fluid texture which would surely make everyone spook out. This specialized fake blood offers a consistent, moderate flow viscosity with an over-all gory look for all of your fresh-like blood gushing, splattering, and dripping effect. Allowing you to take the realism to the extreme and create that best horror wound FX, bloody props, or oozing injuries to terrify everybody.

  • Safe For All Skin
    Formulated with premium ingredients that boasts to make an excellent realistic effect without sacrificing the user’s safety and health. It can directly come in contact with different skin-type, including oily, dry, combination, natural, and hypersensitive skin. Preventing any sort of irritations, itchiness, stinging, allergic reactions, and other discomfort even after a prolonged wearing use. Suitable for face, neck, arms, legs, hands, fingers, shoulders, and other body parts that needed blood makeup. No worries as it is very safe to use even on your mouth and near the eyes just make sure not to get it in or swallow. 
  • Wide Application
    Creates the perfect substitute for any theatrical, stage, cinematic, or cosplay used for fake blood. Ideal for making blood soaked costumes, splattered or shedding props, spine-chilling murder scene, bloody injuries, creepy haunted house, zombies, wild creature, horror cosplays, open wound, slit-wrist, slit throat, minor grazes, cuts, and so on. This fake blood can remain a realistic glistening red hue and terrifyingly dripping thick. Making it stay creepy and natural all throughout your horror night or day without drying up or creating a mess. A great additional combination of fun and eeriness during halloween, carnivals, haunted house, stage performance, movies, daily prank, and more possibilities.   

  • Easy to Remove
    Adopts a washable quality that enables it to be removed easily in no time on skin or any surface. Simply rinse the part of your skin or area with clean water, apply soap to thoroughly clean, then rinse it again with water and done. This fake blood won’t leave stain or any awkward red mark behind unlike with other products. Available in different liquid ml selections to meet all of your halloween fake blood cosmetic needs.       
  • Premium Quality
    Formulated with professional-grade, non-toxic ingredients that provides the best hollywood-like, ultra realistic blood effect. It is completely non-irritating and can amplify the look and goreyness of injuries without any issues. This faux blood is also odorless to give you an all-day high-comfort experience pranking, cosplaying, performing, acting and such.  


  • Net weight: 60ml


  • 1 x Realistic Horror Fake Blood Makeup (🩸Stale blood)


  • 1 x Realistic Horror Fake Blood Makeup (🩸Fresh blood)

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