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Summer Reusable Beach Water Bomb Balloon Set

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☀️Get immersed into the summer water fun war and cool off with this reusable water bomb balloon splash set!💦

These 4 piece fun-filling water balloons blissfully blasts off a bomb-like liquid explosion that will surely soaked every aimed enemy near. These bright multi-color spheres can splash instantly upon impact on any surface or when pinch and squeeze. No worries as they are delightfully squishy all through to ensure a safe, pain-free endless water play even when the battle gets heated. Making your regular outdoor summer activity more thrilling and enjoyable for everyone while staying cool under the balming sun. What’s more? The water bombs are endlessly reusable so you can blast, refill, and play non-stop without the  littered plastic mess waste after. 

The reusable water balloons provide an easy-fill feature that will pack them full of liquids in just a second of submersion. Moreover, they also adopt a built-in magnetic rim that automatically self-shuts in a non-leaking closure once filled in. Eliminating the tedious tasks of time-consuming filling and manual one-by-one tying and closing like with the traditional water balloons. These fun water bomb splashes are applicable for all sorts of water-based games and can be played confidently outdoors. Perfect for beach play, pool games, backyard or front yard water fight, water parks, courtyards, garden, and other water blaster battling activities. 

💦Make your warm weather activities extra memorable and fun-filled using this water bomb balloon splash set! ☀️


  • Eco-Friendly Bomb Splash💦
    A 4 piece pack of refillable water balloons that splashes a bomb-like liquid explosion that will successfully drenched its aimed target. Bringing you an extra excitement and friendly competition to your regular outdoor fun while simultaneously beating the summer’s burning heat. Each bomb balloon comes in various vivid colors and splashes quickly upon contact on any surface or when pinch and squeeze. Moreover, these fun water balloons are fully reusable which enables you to have endless fun without the littered plastic mess waste. Making it an enjoyable eco-friendly summer activity that you can play over and over again!

  • Automatic Closure and Fast Filling💦
    These reusable fun balloon bombs adopt a convenient, rapid self-sealing magnetic feature embedded through the middle silicone rim. Allowing all pieces to shut off securely by itself after filling with liquid to save you from the manual one-by-one tying and closing. The sealed, filled-in balloons are completely non-leaking and will only burst with water once thrown or squeezed. Furthermore, the water balls also supply a quick fill design that would charge your water tossing spheres full of liquid in just a second. Simply submerge the balloons in a bucket of water to fill, then it will automatically close, and you can now let the water battle begin!

  • Non-Harming Impact💦
    The water balloons are ultimately soft and delightfully squishy all through even when filled up. Their built-in self closure magnetic rims are fully cushioned with silicone that are 100% safe and pain-free even when hit. It allows your little ones to play and have fun under the sun with not a single injury or throbbing impacts. You can now confidently throw and make a blast with friends and family members without worrying even when the water battle gets too intense!

  • Multi-Scene Outdoor Fun💦
    These reusable water bomb splashes can amp up all sorts of water-based family activities and games to the next level of fun. They can be played outdoors and make summer even more memorable and exciting without the splattered remnants after. Suitable for beach play, pool games, backyard or front yard water fight, water parks, courtyards, garden, and other water blaster battling activities.

  • Premium Quality💦
    Made of high-quality, latex-free silicone material with an impressive endless reusability and upgraded magnetic technology. They are durable enough to stay undamaged for multiple fun-filled water fights, but still super soft to prevent players from sustaining injury from the impact. What’s more? These water balloons are packed in an extra sturdy mesh bag that you can easily travel with anytime, anywhere for an all day summer outdoor entertainment.   


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size:  5.5 x 5.9cm
  • Color: Random
  • 4/6/12/16/18pc x Summer Reusable Beach Water Bomb Balloon Set

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