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Ultra-Soft Plush Car Seat Cushion

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Make even the longest of drives extra relaxing with this Ultra-Soft Plush Car Seat Cushion Set! 

The perfect road trip companion that delivers an all-day luxe-like comfort and support thanks to its ultra-soft filler and rebound sponge layer. It allows even the most exhausting, prolonged car ride bearable and ultimately relaxing. Also comes with an extra storage side pocket for keeping belongings like smartphones, umbrellas, water bottles, wallets and more within quick access.This car seat cover offers excellent warming qualities that will keep you undeniably toasty and cozy during wintertime. No worries as it adopts superior breathability to prevent sweat build ups and other discomfort as you step through the hottest months. What’s more? This seat warmer cushion also serves as a great protection against rips, tears, damage, wear as well as stains, spills, crumbs, dust, and dirt.

This front seat car cushion provides a universal fitting size suitable for sedans, vans, mini vans, SUVs, UVs, pickup, and so much more. It can be easily installed, removed, or be placed quickly onto another car seat anytime without a single issue or tools required. SImply insert the included hooks together with the elastic bands, position the seat cushion onto the seat, then slip the hooks from the back to secure, and done. No worries as the seat cover supplies a non-slip silicone bottom that prevents it from moving and repositioning even on rough roads. Made with premium materials that boasts to last years of daily usage without deforming and wearing-off.          

Why suffer through an entire ride with an uncomfortable seat when you can have a comfortable riding experience using this car seat warmer cover!  


  • Multi-Purpose Car Seat Cover
    A well-made thickened seat cushioning for your vehicles that features excellent protective qualities. It can be laid on top of your front and rear seat to give you additional comfort while safeguarding your car’s interior from rips, tears, damage, and wear due to daily use. This seat cover also helps in preventing stains, spills, crumbs, dust, dirt, and other debris from directly spoiling the seating surfaces in your vehicle. Also comes with an extra storage side pocket for keeping belongings like smartphones, umbrellas, water bottles, wallets and more within quick accessWhat’s more? It adopts a pleasant warming effect that will keep you toasty and relaxed throughout your entire car ride even during the harsh chilly wintry month. No worries as the car seat protector is breathable so it can be used during the hottest summer and other seasons without discomfort and sweat building up.
  • Comfortable To Sit On
    Provides an ultimately soft, plush-like filler and 5mm high-quality rebound sponge. Delivering you with that perfect level of all-day long luxe-like comfort and ideal support for every of your long, tiring drives. It has an open-fit, full wrapping design which can cover your entire seat conveniently to avoid any awkward and uncomfortable sitting experience. It features a stylish diamond pattern and comes in various color selections that can fashionably step up every car interior. Available in black, beige, red, and coffee brown.

  • Super Secured Installation
    Supplies highly elastic bands and sturdy circular hooks that give the easiest and speediest of installation without the complicated tools anymore. Simply insert the hooks first on the elastic bands, place the cushion into place, then slip the hooks from the back to secure, and done. It has a superior anti-skid silicone base that can resist cushion displacement for maximum comfort and safety. No more unwanted slipping even as you drive on uneven roads and make swift turns or harsh brakes! This seat cover has a universal fitting that’s applicable for sedans, vans, mini vans, SUVs, UVs, pickup, and more possibilities. You can even easily pop it onto another car seat anytime with no issues!
  • Easy to Clean
    100% washable so you can freely remove all stains, breadcrumbs, and other dirt when needed. Preventing all nasty odors and bacterias from contaminating through your car interior. It can be even cleaned effortlessly and quickly using vacuum without linting or damaging.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly thickened velvet and cotton materials with an unbeatable cushiony comfort, durability, and warming performance. It can withstand years of daily wear and exposure to extreme temperatures without cracking, linting, deforming, and damaging. This ultra-soft car seat cover does not contain any harmful edges or surfaces to ensure you and your car’s quality safety at all times. 


  • Material: velvet, cotton
  • Size(front seat cushion): 49x53cm
  • Size(rear seat cushion): 49x133cm
  • Color: Brown, beige, wine, black


  • 1 x Front Seat Cushion OR
  • 1 x Rear Seat Cushion OR
  • 3-piece Set:
    • 2x  Front Seat Cushion
    • 1 x Rear Seat Cushion

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