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Universal Car Rhinestone Coaster (2PCS)

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No more grime-filled car cup holders with this universal car rhinestone coaster!


This cup coaster is specially-designed to snug fit into any car cup holder to catch all drink drips and condensation. It features a deep shape that can collect more liquid without spilling or leaking out from the crevices of your vehicle’s cup holder. Preventing the sticky beverage messes, unwanted liquid stains, and even bottle scratches. This car coaster supplies a non-slip base that secures your drink safely in place even as you drive on rocky roads or make swift turns. Moreover, it has a stunning rhinestone style that would surely add more elegance and personalized touch to any car interior.  

The rhinestone coaster adopts a thickened insulation that can keep your beverage temperature hot or cold for a longer time. It even offers a built-in, easy pull tab that can be simply grip on anytime for quick placement and removal. No worries as this car coaster is constructed with a completely smooth design to ensure that no scratches would be left on your car. Suitable for different vehicle types and models, including sedans, SUVs, AUVs, vans, minivans, pickups, boats, and such. What’s more? It can be cleaned easily with water and soap to remove nasty residues and prevent harmful bacterial buildups.  

Catch all spills of your drinks and keep your vehicle sparkling clean at all times using this universal car rhinestone coaster! 


  • Rhinestone Car Cup Coaster
    A handy coaster that you can easily slip through your car cup holder to provide your beverages a mat to rest on. Featuring a deepened shape which enables it to catch and collect more liquid drips and condensation from your drinks without spilling out from your car cup. What’s more? The car coaster also helps from guarding your cup holder from unwanted scratches, liquid stains, and for keeping crumbs and other messes away. It comes with a stunning rhinestones design that sparkles majestically like real diamonds. Making your car interior looking more expensive and neatly blinged up that would surely be loved by every passenger.

  • Innovative Design
    Provides a unique honeycomb shaped, non-slip base that secures your cup and bottles stably in place. Moreover, it adopts a thickened insulation that helps you maintain your drink’s desired temperature for a prolonged period. Allowing your daily cup of coffee to stay hot and your favorite iced refreshment to keep chill. No worries as this car coaster can hold out against weighty, filled-in bottles, cups, tumblers, go-to plastic cups, and such without deforming or damaging!
  • Easy Placement and Removal
    Promotes a quick, easy-fitting and unobtrusive application to all car cup holders. It even has a convenient pull-tab that lets you grip on for an effortless placement and removal anytime. No need to trouble yourself and awkwardly pinch the coaster on deep car cup holders to take the coaster off! Furthermore, this car cup coaster’s rhinestone is removable and can be simply cleaned with water and soap. Preventing it from being contaminated with stains, odors, and bacterias. 

  • Universal Fitting
    Fits snuggly for most standard size vehicle’s cup holders. Suitable for cars, sedans, SUVs, AUVs, vans, minivans, pickups, boats, and more possibilities. It has completely smooth edges and surfaces so you can place and remove it anytime without leaving scratches and marks behind. Available in different trendy colors, including purple, beige, black, pink, gray, and other styles that match fashionable to any car interior.

  • Premium Quality
    Made with high-quality, eco-friendly silicone material with an excellent durability and elasticity performance. It boasts great resistance to high and low temperatures which allows it to withstand the hottest or chilled drinks without melting and damaging. This coaster can also hold out against daily usage for multiple years! 


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 8 x 3 cm
  • Color: Black / Red / Purple / Mint / Grey / Pink / Blue


  • 1 pair (2PCS) of Universal Car Rhinestone Coaster 

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