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Universal Egg Rolling Dispenser

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Get your eggs rockin’ ready and rollin’ with this universal egg rolling dispenser!

This handy egg container adopts a two-tier gravity-led track design that automatically rolls the egg and easily dispenses it one at a time. Providing you an accessible and organized storing solution that can  hold a maximum of 14 standard, large or jumbo eggs at once. It comes in a slim and compact shape so it can still store large quantities of eggs without taking up too much space. No worries as this egg dispenser has a non-slip base that can securely be placed on any flat surfaces without budging. Suitable for refrigerators, kitchen countertops, pantry, tabletops, RV kitchen, and more possibilities.

The universal egg rolling dispenser provides a safety end groove that gently stops the eggs from cracking and continuously rolling off. It also helps in maintaining the eggs freshness and overall quality for a prolonged period. Moreover, this clever container does not need any complicated assembling anymore and just has to be loaded with the eggs. Made of premium, food-grade material that can withstand a long-lasting years of usage without damaging, molding, rusting, and toxic leaching. 

Keep your eggs freshly organized and easily accessible at all times using this universal egg rolling dispenser!


  • Automatic Rolling Design
    A clever egg storage featuring a two-tier, slightly inclined gravity-led track design that automatically allows the eggs to smoothly roll off when you remove one. Providing you an organized storing with a fun and easy dispensing by letting gravity do all the work and bringing the eggs towards you one at a time. No worries as this handy dispenser adopts a non-slip base and an end groove that gently stops all the eggs. Preventing them from continuously sliding off the container or cracking. 

  • Space-Saving Egg Dispenser
    Supplies a slim and compact size that can fit through most areas without taking up too much space. It can impressively hold up from 12 up to 14 streams of standard, large or jumbo eggs at a single time. Suitable to be placed inside the refrigerator or to your kitchen countertops, pantry, tabletops, RV kitchen, and more possibilities. No need for those bulky boxes and egg trays that only eat up space to your fridge and counters.

  • Maximum Protection 
    Specially made to offer an excellent storing and dispensing while keeping the eggs fresh and protected. It helps to preserve their overall quality even for a prolonged time of storing. Additionally, this two-tier container provides a strong load bearing capabilities that can safely store your food without worrying about breakage. It also delivers an easy accessibility for your eggs without them getting cracked so you won’t have to deal with the sticky, messy spills ever again! This dispenser also lets you clearly see the contents so you can swiftly add eggs anytime.
  • Quick and Easy Set-Up
    Can be effortlessly used and put into your fridge or counters without any complicated assembling required. Simply put the dispenser in place, load the eggs into the container, and get it rolling gently straight to you by taking one from the bottom end. Its non-slip bottom can lay securely to any flat surfaces without it taking a single budge even as you harshly open or close the fridge door.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic plastic material with an amazing toughness and long-lasting durability. It is completely BPA-free and can be used on food products without any harmful leaching to ensure health and your eggs' freshness. This egg rolling dispenser can withstand multiple years of usage and washes without damaging, molding, and rusting. 


  • Material: Food-grade plastic
  • Size: 14.2"D x 4"W x 3.4"H


  • 1 x Universal Egg Rolling Dispenser

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