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Universal Sanitary Toilet Lid Lifter Tab

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Make every bathroom break a hygienic one with this universal toilet lid lifter tab!

This handy lifting tab enables you to easily and hygienically hoist up toilet seats or covers without directly touching them. Saving you from the nasty germs and harmful bacterial built-ups that you might catch from touching toilets. It features a ring-like shape end that fits perfectly and comfortably to the fingers for maximum gripping. Moreover, this sanitary toilet lifter handle adopts a powerful 3M adhesion that can securely hold against surfaces. Allowing it to be swiftly pulled up and brought back down without repositioning and slipping off. Suitable for home bathrooms, apartments, dormitories, hotels, offices, schools, public toilets, and so much more.

The universal toilet lid handle can be easily folded and unfolded anytime depending on your actual needs. It does not create any unnecessary obstruction and discomfort that you won’t even know that it is attached when you're seated. What’s more? This toilet lid lifter has a stylish design that can complement and look sleek on any bathroom decoration. Made with premium, material that boasts to hold out against daily usage without molding, rusting, or damaging.  

Never touch dirty toilet seats or covers again and keep your hands clean using this universal toilet lid lifter tab! 


  • Contact-Free Toilet Lifting
    A must-have hygienic tool that acts as an excellent handle that lets you successfully lift any toilet lid and seat without directly touching them. It is specially designed with a ring-like end where you can easily grip your fingers and give it a pull to hoist the cover up. Providing you a convenient, sanitary bathroom experience to keep your hands totally clean and protected from the harmful germs that you might catch. This lifter tab also encourages boys to leave the toilet seat up when leaking and for everyone to lower the cover after use for better hygiene.   

  • Powerful Adhesion
    Comes with ultra-strong 3M adhesion that holds firmly against different surfaces. It can stay fixed into your toilet seat or cover and be swiftly pulled up or down anytime with not a single repositioning or fall off. Additionally, this lifter tab can withstand daily exposure to liquids and humid conditions without loosening stickiness. No worries as its powerful adhesion does not leave any unwanted marks and damages behind when removed.

  • Folding Design
    Supplies a smart folding design which enables it to be turned into a much space-saving size. It is also slim enough to prevent any uncomfortable obstruction to your legs that won’t even realize that it’s attached when sitting down. You can quickly fold and unfold it anytime with great ease depending on your actual needs.   

  • Multi-Purpose Use
    Constructed professionally to fit according to the actual groove and depth of different toilet seats or covers. It offers a simplistic, elegant style that can complement any decoration and step up your overall bathroom look. Suitable for home bathrooms, apartments, dormitories, hotels, offices, schools, public toilets, and such. This toilet lifter tab can be even used as a handy pull handle for drawers, cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes, and more possibilities.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic thickened PC material with amazing durability and toughness. It can hold out against multiple years of daily usage without damaging, molding, rusting, or loosening stickiness. This sanitary toilet lid lifter tab does not contain any harmful edges and surface that might scratch your hands! 


  • Material: PC
  • Size: 3x4.5x11cm
  • Color: White / Orange / Blue


  • 1 x Universal Sanitary Toilet Lid Lifter Tab

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