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Instant-Sealing Super Waterproof Tape

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Quickly fix leaks and seals surfaces only with Tictape™ Instant-Sealing Super Waterproof Tape!

A must-have handyman’s sealing tape that adopts an excellent adhesiveness and effective waterproofing qualities. Providing you with an instant and permanent bonding that withstand any liquids exposure and pressure of a 3 bar water with great ease. Suitable for outdoor sealing, repairing various leakages, or performing adhesion while being submerged to water. This butyl sticky tape can also bond well in applications with maximum 120°C to a low -40°C temperature without losing viscosity. What’s more? It has an impressive UV resistance which enables it to stay sun protective and super sticky with an ideal cooling effect.   

This waterproof sticky tape also promotes a superior flame retardant and fire resistant capabilities. Allowing it to prevent fire from spreading and resist burning even after exposure without compromising its durability and bond. Moreover, the super sealing tape can perfectly flex and adhere securely against the shape and curve of various surfaces. Great for various home fixer upper and projects like roof leakage, wall leakage, balcony, window sill, sun roof, joint leakage, plumbing pipes, doors, seams, vents, boats, downspouts, and so on. 

Create a tight, waterproof sealing in no time using this instant-sealing super sticky aluminum butyl tape! 


  • Powerful Adhesion
    A high-performance sealant tape promoting a strong adhesion level performance that forms an instant and permanent bond. It naturally conforms seamlessly and adheres to a vast majority of surfaces and materials with great ease. Additionally, this super sticky butyl tape does not dry out unlike with other products to ensure that it won’t lose adhesion, slips, or reposition.

  • Highly Waterproof
    Adopts an impressive watertight sealing on the surfaces that it's been adhered on. Allowing it to amazingly resist any liquids from escaping and withstand the pressure of a 3 bar water effortlessly. What’s more? It is also weather-resistant and can perfectly bond well in applications where moisture and humidity is a factor without the tape getting detached. Making it applicable for outdoor sealing, repairing various leakages, or performing adhesion while being submerged to water.

  • Excellent Temperature Resistance
    Offers extreme high and low temperature resistance capabilities. It can successfully hold up against a maximum 120° C to as low as -40° C without sacrificing its powerful viscosity. This tape can be exposed to different environments even under the scorching heat of sun, sudden unexpected downpours, the chill of wintry seasons, and other fluctuating conditions.

  • Super Durable 
    Made with high-quality, environmentally friendly materials of pure aluminum surface and natural butyl rubber that boasts an unparalleled adhesiveness. It provides a flame retardant and fire resistant ability that allows it to combat heat and actively prevent fire from spreading and reist burning. This magic sealing tape is also UV resistant that supplies an ideal cooling effect and sun protection. An excellent sticky tape to adapt against various conditions without hindering its sealing abilities and compromising its durability.

  • Wide Application
    Highly flexible which enables it to effortlessly curve and flex to the shape of the surface you're adhering on. Moreover, it can securely stick against most surface types, including metal, plastic, glass, rubber, and more possibilities. Suitable for roof leakage, wall leakage, balcony, window sill, sun roof, conduit, steel tile, concrete, joint leakage, plumbing pipes, doors, seams, vents, boats, downspouts,  personal watercrafts, and so on. Simply remove dirt from the surface for excellent adhesion, peel-off the protective film, apply the tape on the surface, put on some pressure, then squeeze the bubble out, and done. 


  • Material: Aluminium, butyl rubber
  • Size: 5cmx5meter / 10cmx5meter


  • 1 roll of Tictape™ Instant-Sealing Super Waterproof Tape

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