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Wickedest Pumpkin Baking Mold

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🧙Deliver a bone-chilling touch of tastiness and aesthetic into your sweet treats with this fun halloween baking mold!🦇

 A halloween-themed mold set that comes with a variety of eerie shapes such as pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, bats, witch hats, and cobwebs. Allowing you to easily create super delightful baked masterpieces with a dash of ghoulish spirit and festive witchery. All mold styles offer frighteningly non-stick qualities and elasticity that enables you to smoothly unmold the formed treat on tip-top shape. Suitable for making delectable, monstrous sweet feast, including cakes, cookies, chocolates, puddings, breads, jellies, mousse, fondants, and even  candles, soaps, and resin arts. 

The spooky baking molds boast great temperature resistance that can hold up from -40°C up to 230°C without deforming and melting. It allows you to safely prep your baked goods anytime in the microwave oven, oven, or freezer, and even clean up after each use in a dishwasher. Making them the perfect helpers for halloween, horror-themed parties, goth parties, ghoulish cake decorations, fall festivities, trick-or-treating, birthdays, baby showers, snack time, and such. Made of premium, food-grade silicone that can withstand daily molding and exposure to heat or cold without damaging, leaching, and mildew growth.     

🦇Get into the creep of halloween spirit and whipped up the best ghoulish sweets using this fun halloween baking mold!🧙


  • Lovely Halloween Mold🎃
    A 3 piece molding set designed with different eerie-sistible 3D halloween themed shapes in super clear details and patterns. These include cute pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, bats, witch hats, frightening cobwebs, and so on. Allowing you to easily turn your dull-looking homemade sweets into delightful, mouthwatering vivid treats that everyone would one to bite off. Moreover, these baking molds also add a spirit of spookiness and festiveness into your goods. 

  • Easy to Use ans Release🎃
    These eye-catching halloween baking molds adopt smooth textured, non-stick silicone qualities with excellent elasticity. It enables you to quickly and easily unmold anytime without leaving any unwanted crumbs or residues behind. Delivering you with a flavorsome baked goods on their tip-top halloween-themed shapes. Simply pour your favorite mixed/whipped ingredients into the mold, bake, let it cool for a quick minute, unmold, and done. No worries as it also does not retain any funky food odors and can be deeply cleaned with great ease and speed.

  • Extreme Temperature Resistant🎃
    The adorably creepy molds offer an impressive toughness that can hold out temperatures from -40°C up to a maximum 230°C. It can be safely used in the microwave oven, oven, freezer, and dishwasher without melting, deforming, cracking, and damaging. Making them the perfect spine-chilling helpers for beginners, professionals, mothers, DIYers, and other horror enthusiasts.

  • Wide Application🎃
    These fun halloween molds can magically create different desserts and foods into monstrously delicious and elevated fancy looking treats. Suitable for making cakes, cookies, chocolates, fudge, puddings, fruit pies, breads, jellies, mousse, fondants, and even for candles, soaps, and resin arts and crafts. Try it out for halloween, horror-themed parties, goth parties, ghoulish cake decorations, fall festivities, trick-or-treating, birthdays, baby showers, or simply for creating monstrous masterpieces snacks.

  • Premium Quality🎃
    Made of high-quality, food-grade thickened silicone material that strikes an exceptional durability and temperature-resistant. The molds can withstand years of daily usage without deforming, mildew, and damaging. These halloween baking molds can also directly come into touch with any food product without leaching or posing any health concerns.  
  • Material: Food-grade silicone
  • Size: 

  • 1 x Wickedest Pumpkin Baking Mold

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