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Anti-Peeping Phone Screen Protector

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Keep your phone displays and personal information safe from sneaky eyes with this anti-peeping privacy screen protector!

This phone screen protector provides a superior anti-peeping coating that boasts a 60° edge-to-edge maximum privacy coverage. It successfully blocks the screen visibility from hackers, prying eyes, and sneaky glances from the person beside or behind you. Preventing you from any form of unprecedented access and stealing to your personal, sensitive, and professional information. The perfect digital protection whether you're at home or in crowded places, malls, transit, restaurants, parks, clubs, commute, and more possibilities. No worries as this anti-spy tempered is perfectly applicable for most newest to oldest iphone models!      

The anti-peeping privacy screen protector adopts a higher and accurate response touch with an ultra-thin and smooth feel. Allowing you to freely swipe, type, and operate your mobiles without the unwanted obstruction or annoying delays. What’s more? It promotes 0.33mm unparalleled thickness and 9H hardness that can withstand multiple drops and scratches without breaking or marking. This privacy screen protector can also resist water, sweat, tears, rain, splashes, and exposure to moisture. It can be installed easily in no time without any tools required and can hold securely without harming your mobile! 

Block your mobile view from prying eyes and visual hackers using this anti-peeping privacy screen protector! 


  • Maximum Privacy Protection
    A specially coated tempered glass screen protector that offers a 60° edge-to-edge privacy coverage from all angles. Providing your phone screen an excellent security to restrict visibility from hackers, prying eyes, and even a sneaky glance from the person beside you. Saving your personal, sensitive, and professional information like emails, passwords, messages, photos, OTPs, and other data perfectly unseen except by you.  No worries as this mobile privacy protector’s anti-spy coating works effectively on both landscape and portrait mode. Great for those who always use their phones in crowded places, malls, transit, restaurants, parks, clubs, commute, or even at home! 

  • High-Touch Response
    This anti-peep mobile screen protector provides a high resolution to give you clear visibility and comfort while remaining secretive for others eye. It adopts an increased touch sensitivity that promotes a quicker and accurate touching response even with its maximum coverage. This screen glass supplies an ultra-thin and super-smooth feel that you wouldn't even notice it on. Allowing you to freely operate or play games on your phone without any unwanted obstruction or annoying delays.

  • All-Round Defense
    The 60° phone privacy protector offers an unbreakable, toughened chemically treated tempered glass material with 0.33mm thickness. It promotes an unparalleled shock-absorbing performance thanks to its 9H hardness which is impressively stronger than any other PET. Thus, enabling it to hold out against multiple drops and scratches without breaking or leaving nasty marks. Additionally, this durable protector also comes with a convenient water-resistance that can withstand sweat, tears, rain, splashes, and other liquids.

  • Super Easy Installation
    This premium privacy protective tempered can be effortlessly installed in no time without the complicated tools required. Moreover, it does not create any annoying bubble that covers the screen after installation unlike with other products. Simply wipe your phone screen clean and dry, remove the protective film from the tempered glass, align it, then gently apply it from the edge on top to bottom, and done.   
  • Perfect Compatibility
    The anti-peeping phone screen protector boasts an exceptional coverage that’s applicable for a wide variety of apple mobile models. Suitable for all Iphones from the latest to oldest model types. This privacy screen protector comes with a reasonable edge space which allows you to use different phone cases even with the tempered is on.

  • Material: Tempered glass
  • 1 x Anti-Peeping Phone Screen Protector 

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