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Car Scratch Liquid Repairing Kit

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Give your car’s paint a total makeover using this auto careflection scratch repair!

An impressive repair agent that dramatically erases scratches, swirls and marks from the car surface with a superior high-gloss finish. Making even the oldest, most worn out automotive looking brand new in a swift. It offers an invisible ceramic coating that safeguards your vehicle from any further scratches and imperfections. Additionally, the scratch repair comes with an ultimate hydrophobic performance that repels all liquids and allows them to smoothly flow out. 

This scratch remover provides a pro-level formula that is extremely safe for different cars or comes into contact with skin without irritation. Moreover it works perfectly in eliminating various types of exterior and even interior car scratches. Suitable for common road scratches, nail scratches, sun marks, stubborn stains and more possibilities. Simply apply the product directly on the damaged areas and wipe it vigorously to remove the blemish. Once done, clean the excess and you're now ready to hit the road again with your precious ride!        

Eliminate every unpleasant scratch to your car’s paintwork with only this auto careflection scratch repair!   


  • Intensive Car Scratch Remover
    A liquid-based repair agent that effectively buffs out any scratches, swirls, marks or other blemishes from your vehicle's surface. Featuring a superior high-gloss finish that leaves your car’s recent or years of wear and tear back to its original pristine shine condition and smoothness. Making it look like there’s no scratches to your vehicle's paint job to begin with. No need to go through the time-consuming and expensive repair shop anymore. 

  • Extreme Protection
    This scratch remover offers a permanent, invisible ceramic coating with an unmatched 9H super hydrophobic effect. Providing your automotive not only a great repair and polishing performance, but also an excellent protection against any types of scratches. It can also completely resist any formation of liquid and just cause rain, water, oils and road grimes to smoothly roll out of the surface. Allowing it to stay spotless for longer and make cleaning a quick and easy job.   

  • Easy Non-Destructive Repair
    The premium scratch repair is totally non-abrasive which can effortlessly erase imperfection without causing more damage to the paint. Simply apply the agent directly to the car’s damage, wipe it up vigorously using a towel until the scratches are removed, clean the excess and you're done. You don’t have to mix, wash or wait anymore for the repair agent to take effect unlike other products.

  • Wide Application
    It works superbly on various types of exterior and even interior car scratches, including common road scratches, nail scratches, sun marks, stubborn stains and more possibilities. Suitable for fixing sedans, SUVs, AUVs, trucks, pickups, vans, minivans, sports cars, motorcycles and so on.

  • Premium Material
    Made of a professional grade formulated ingredients with an ultra-fine polish finish that can make any vehicle looking brand new. It is extremely safe for different cars and can even touch your skin without experiencing any irritations. Moreover, it doesn't emit any strong odors which allows it to be used and remove scratches anytime with confidence.  
  • Weight: 30 ml
  • 1 x Car Scratch Liquid Repairing Wax

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