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Decorative Art Gold Foil Paper Set (100pcs)

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Instantly transform your items into a magnificent, medieval-like golden appearance with this imitation gold foil art pack!

This 100 imitation gold sheets pack adopts a splendid shimmer and 24-karat like golden finish that would surely catch anyone's attention. It enables you to successfully beautify your dull-looking works or crafts with an added sprinkle of fine luxeness without being costly. What’s more? These stunning golden sheets can easily and securely adhere to a variety of surfaces like paper, wood, ceramics, glass, textiles, marble, and metal. Suitable for gilding or decorating cards, scrapbooks, picture frames, nail arts, walls, statue paintings, furniture, and more!

The imitation gold foil sheets adopt a long-lasting performance that can stay elegant and brilliantly golden for multiple years. All stunning sheets are packed between tissue-like paper so they can be easily lifted out one by one without sticking to each other. These imitation gold leaves can be also effortlessly shaped around and positioned on smooth or uneven surfaces in a breeze. Moreover, this fine pack is also available in chic silver and rose golden color selections. Made with premium, non-toxic materials that boasts to withstand a long time without tarnishing, falling-off, or causing damages behind.    

Add a layer of fancy and luxurious golden touch into any crafts you handle using this imitation gold foil decoration pack!


  • Luxurious Golden Finish
    A dashing 100 sheet piece pack of realistic gold foil that boasts a remarkably luxurious shimmer touch. Allowing you to effortlessly beautify your dull-looking works and art crafts with a stunning dash of 24-karat like golden finish that’s bound to turn heads everywhere. Moreover, these imitation gold leaf sheets are thin, lightweight, and much easier to handle than the genuine leaf ones. Making them an ideal decorative foil for gilding and embellishing ornaments, items, textiles, and such for an added ethereal personality. Available not only dazzling gold, but also in chic silver and rose golden pigment selection.

  • Long-Lasting Effect
    These luxe imitation gold leaf sheets prompt an excellent construction and lasting performance that makes it good as real gold foil. Each sheet can properly stay golden and gorgeously lavish looking for up to multiple years in any sort of application. Preventing their intense brilliance and beauty from dulling, tarnishing, discoloration, and from peeling off or falling through their hold.

  • Widely-Used Decoration
    The ritzy faux gold sheets offer a splendid versatility that can be gilded on a plethora of surface types, including paper, wood, ceramics, glass, textiles, marble, and metal. All 100 gold sheets can be used for embellishing DIY art and craft projects, such as cards, scrapbooks, picture frames, nail arts, walls, statue paintings, furniture, and more. Just a reminder that these imitation gold sheets work effectively for decorating and are not edible. 

  • Easy to Use
    These gold leaves are conveniently packed between tissue-like paper sheets for a more approachable transfer style operation. It enables each imitation gold leaf to be easily lifted out from the packaging without ruining or sticking to each other unlike with other products. Furthermore, these extravagant golden decorations can be shaped around smooth or uneven surfaces and be positioned in place with great ease and speed. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, 100% non-toxic and environmentally-friendly copper and brass foil paper with an amazing long-lasting capabilities. Each imitation gold leaf ensures to withstand for years and retain its stunning brilliance. No worries as these imitation gold foil sheets do not degrade or cause damage behind the surfaces that you're gilding or decorating on. 
  • Size: 6 x 6 cm
  • 100pcs x Decorative Art Gold Foil Paper 

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