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Magnetic Phone Car Mount

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Keep your phone secure regardless of any road conditions using this magnetic folding car phone holder!

This handy mount features a built-in extreme magnetics that can confidently hold any phone model unobtrusively. Its powerful absorption also allows it to keep your device’s securely in place even on rocky roads, speed bumps, potholes and such. Designed with a smart telescopic arm so you can glance at your mobile anytime without the need to bend close or bow. Moreover, this car magnetic holder offers a 360° swiveling head which lets you freely rotate the display to your comfortable viewing. Perfect for hands-free calls, GPS navigation, music streaming and voice assistants. Simply pop your phone through it one-handedly to stick and you're good to go.   

This sleek folding phone holder is highly-compact and it has an ultra-strong non-marking adhesive at the base. Allowing it to be placed securely onto your dashboard, windshield, near your radio or even to other flat surfaces. Suitable not only for your car, but also for your bedrooms, kitchen, office, game room, working area and so on. No worries as it won’t cause any damages to your phone or signals and even to the place that it's been attached to.  

Enjoy a safe and hands-free phone operation while driving with this magnetic folding car phone holder!


  • Telescopic Mount
    A sleek magnetic mount that you can attach to any flat surfaces inside your car without obstructing your line of sight. Perfect for your dashboard, windshield, or near your radio so you can always keep your devices readily accessible. Additionally, this smart holder offers a foldable arm and plate that you can stand to transition to your desired position. Providing you an extendable height angle for a more easy viewing that can be tuck back to its compact size after use. No need to bend close or bow your head anymore when looking at your phone while driving to prevent strains and accidents.

  • 360° Adjustable Viewing
    This folding car phone holder features a swivel head plate that can be smoothly adjusted anytime to multiple angles. You can set it into landscape, portrait or slightly tilted so you can always have an optimum viewing regardless of your sitting position. Great for safe and comfortable hands-free calls, GPS navigation, music streaming or using your device’s voice assistant. 

  • Powerful Magnetism
    The telescopic mount supplies 6 built-in upgraded magnets that strongly grips any phone in place without scratching or damaging. Preventing your mobile from slipping or falling even when you go over uneven roads, speed bumps, potholes or when adjusting its position. No worries as this holder won’t also affect your phone’s signal and wifi. Moreover, it has an immediate secured absorption and it allows you to one-handedly place and retrieve your device with ease. Its unbeatable magnetism can hold different phone models and sizes of Iphones and Androids. 

  • Wide Application
    It provides a powerful adhesive at the base that stably mounts your phone to your dash or other surface effortlessly. It does not leave unwanted scratches, marks, or sticky residues behind when removed. Suitable not only for your vehicle, but also for your bedrooms, kitchen, office, game room, working area and more possibilities. 

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality ABS and alloy material that blends flawlessly to your car interior. It boasts excellent durability which can serve you for a long-lasting year of use without breaking and aging. This magnetic mount can also hold your cables and even lets you power boost your device at any position.


  • Color: Black / Silver


  • 1 x Magnetic Phone Car Mount

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