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One-press Foldable Clothes Hanger Set

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Keep your business suits looking professional even on-the-go and use this One-press Foldable Clothes Hanger Set!

This quick-fold hanger can effortlessly turn into a slim, compact profile and fit through travel bags or wardrobes without taking up space. Featuring a smart 2 side buttons that can be simply pressed anytime for it to collapse into a small size. You can now keep your clothes looking neat and unwrinkled or be air dried even on vacations, camping, and business trips. Moreover, it can even be stored in your closet while providing more extra room for your folded clothes. No worries as you can easily convert it into its original form by unfolding the arms back until the side buttons snaps lock.   

The portable folding hanger adopts an amazing load bearing that can withstand weighty fabrics and damp clothes without breaking. It is also designed with a widened arm style so it can hang tops, suits, polos, and such and not leave even a single shoulder crease. What’s more? This folding hanger has a deep, non-slip hook that can hold out even with the harshest and strongest of wind blows. Allowing you to air dry clothes outside without getting them lost and blown off to the dirty floors. This foldable hanger offers smooth surfaces and curves to avoid it from scratching, snagging, and ruining your garments. 

Easily hang or air dry your attire at-home or not with this  travel-friendly clothes folding hanger!


  • Portable Folding Hanger
    A unique clothing hanger constructed with a convenient one-fold design to create a slim, compact profile. Allowing it to easily and seamlessly fit through backpacks, luggages, duffels, and other travel bags without taking up much space unlike with regular hangers. You can now pack everything you need and keep your dress clothes looking fresh and unwrinkled even on vacations, camping, and business trips. This hanger can be also stored folded through cabinets and closets while conserving more space to give your clothes their needed extra room.   


  • Smart One-Press Button
    Features an easy-to-press button at the side of the hanger near the hook. It enables you to quickly and effortlessly turn the hanger into a small compact folded shape anytime just by pressing both the side buttons. Moreover, the hanger can be converted back to its original form with ease by unfolding the shoulders until the buttons lock. Making it an ideal helper for travel-use, drying clothes, storing clothes, and more possibilities.

  • Practical Design
    Comes with a high-strength hook and an impressive high bearing capacity. It can hold weighty clothes, thickened fabrics, and even dampened ones without snapping and breaking. This portable hanger supplies a widened arm style that can hang your clothes, suit, polos, and such with not a single crease or fold lines. Additionally, this foldable hanger offers a completely smooth surface and curves to prevent it from scratching, scraping, snagging, and ruining your clothes.
  • Wind-Proof Hook
    Provides a non-slip, deepened hook that can securely hang against different indoor and outdoor clothes lines. It can withstand even the windiest of weather without falling off or blowing your clothes away. Great for holding up wet clothings that needed to be dried up outside under the sun. No need to worry about your clothes being lost or falling off the floor and getting dirtied again!
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality PP plastic material with an exceptional tensile strength and weather resistance capabilities. It can serve for prolonged years of use and withstand great amounts of pressure or loads without rusting, damaging, cracking, and bending. Ideal for hanging and drying dresses, coats, blouses, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, polos, tuxedos, and other clothes or fabrics. 


  • Material: PP plastic
  • Color: White / Grey / Beige
  • Size: 9 x 31cm (folded) ; 42 x 16cm (unfolded)


  • 1PC / 5PCS / 10PCS of One-press Foldable Clothes Hanger

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