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Cithway™ Retractable Hanging Flower Pot Hook

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🌱Give your space a refreshing splash of eye-catching greens using this retractable plant hanger hook!

This heavy-duty hook adopts a retractable sturdy strap which enables you to easily suspend and lock your plant to your desired height length. Additionally, it also allows you to freely raise and lower your precious greens for a much more convenient watering and feeding. Eliminating the troubles of using a ladder or stepping up a chair each time to reach your potted plants. The telescopic hanger hook can stretch from up to an impressive 90 cm of length to meet your different needs. Simply mount the hook first, place your pot to the strap, pull the strap down to your desired position, then pull again for about 1-3 cm slowly to lock in place, and done!         

The retractable hanger hook promotes a superior load capacity that can accommodate different pots/plants from 1kg to a maximum 15 kg. Allowing it to stably hold and confidently hoist or lower even your weighty items without snapping, tearing, and falling off. Suitable for various potted greens as well as bird cage, bird feeders, lights, baskets, decorative hanging storage, and more possibilities. Made with high-grade materials that promises to last multiple years of daily usage without damaging or rusting. 

Never run out of space anymore and easily mount your precious greenery or items in no time with this retractable plant hanger hook! 🌱


  • Telescopic Hanging Plant Hook🌱
    A remarkably sturdy hanging hook that space-savingly suspends your potted greenery to position to add a fresh and stunning decor at any space. It offers a durable strap with smart retractable qualities that can reach a maximum length of 90 cm. Allowing you to easily lock your plant to your desired height length to meet your different needs. This telescopic hook also enables you to quickly raise and lower your vegetation anytime for a much more convenient watering and feeding. Saving you from the troubles of using ladder or chairs which might only cause unwanted falls and toppling.

  • Excellent Load Capacity🌱
    This retractable garden pot hook promotes an incredible loading capacity that can hold an impressive 1kg from up to 15kg. It lets you stably hang even your weighty potted plant without snapping, breaking, and falling off unlike with other products. Moreover, the telescopic hanging hook can be freely stretched and locked into any height any time without loosening or getting torn. Perfect especially for those taking care of plants who needed to constantly lower and lift the hook. Just make sure that the pot, plant, or item that you're hanging is not lower than 1kg or higher than 15kg.   

  • Wide Application🌱
    The plant hanging hook can work perfectly for mounting a plethora of items. Great for potted greens, bird cage, bird feeders, lights, baskets, decorative hanging storage, and more possibilities. This telescopic hanger provides a heavy-duty hook that can be clasp securely onto various locations without it creating even a single movement. Furthermore, it has a simple, yet modernized touch that can blend stylishly into any home decor. Suitable for balcony, patio, living room, home deck, kitchen, garden, bird houses, green house, high and low ceiling, and so on.

  • Quick and Easy Operation🌱
    This telescopic garden hook can be hung and positioned accordingly without the complicated pressing or locking button anymore. Simply mount the hanger hook, clasp the item or potted plant into it, then pull the strap down to your desired height. After that, gently pull at least 1-3 cm at a much slower speed to lock it into place, and done. No more draining drilling as well which only leaves permanent marks behind.

  • Premium Quality🌱
    Made of high-quality, PET nylon rope and stainless steel mountaineering buckle material with an exceptional loading capacity. It can hold out against multiple years of hanging weighty plants and items without rusting, snapping, or tearing. What’s more? This retractable plant hanger hook does not contain any harmful edges or material to prevent scratching or cuts. 
  • Material: PET
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  • 1 x Retractable Hanging Flower Pot Hook

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