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Self-Adhesive Cable Zip Tie Mounts (100Pcs)

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Fix your wiring system on walls and keep your space perfectly organized with this self-adhesive cable tie mount set!

This set comes with cable mount pieces and cable ties that serve as an excellent solution to eliminate the clutter of your wiring lines. The cable mounts offer a superior 3M back adhesion that enables you to securely fixed cables against flat walls without screwing or drilling. Allowing you to bundle and guide your wiring system neatly organized along the surface and safely out of the way. The included cable ties promote a strong self-locking design so you can easily fasten your wires while ensuring them from slipping out. Simply remove the back film from the mount, adhere it on the surface, insert the zip ties, fasten the wires, lock the zip tie to secure, and done. 

The self-adhesive cable mount can be adhered securely on various surfaces, including metal, walls, wood, glass, plastic, and so on. All mounts and cable ties supply great durability and weather resistance that can withstand daily exposure to temperature, humidity, and moisture. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cable management in home, garage, workshop, office, gaming room, entertainment room, industrial work, and more possibilities. No worries as the cable mounts and cable ties do not emit any toxic chemicals that might cause any fire hazards to ensure safety. 

Keep the tangled and cluttered wire linings at bay using this self-adhesive cable tie mount set!  


  • Perfect Cable Mounting
    A set of cable tie mounts that are specially designed to firmly secure zip ties and electrical cables against walls or any flat surfaces. Allowing you to neatly organize your home wiring system by bundling and routing them safely out of the way without the hassle of screwing application. Moreover, it also eliminates the need of fastening cords only to those places with pipes, hose, tube, lines, and such. No worries as the set also includes the cable ties so you can conveniently fasten wires through walls all at once. 

  • Excellent Security
    The cable tie mount adopts a powerful 3M back adhesive that can firmly hold through different smooth surface types. It can be exposed through extreme environmental temperature, humidity, and moisture without repositioning or fully falling off. Great for adhering on smooth metal, walls, wood, glass, plastic, ABS, concrete, polycarbonate, ceramic, and other surfaces. The included cable ties come with a self-locking feature that enables you to just pull to keep your wires fastened secured. Preventing the cords from easily slipping out even when tug or get accidentally harshly pulled. 

  • Wide Application
    This cable mounts and cable ties set provides an impressive toughness and weather resistant capabilities. They can work effectively to organize your disordered cable management on both indoors and outdoors use. Suitable for home, garage, workshop, office, gaming room, entertainment room, kitchen, living room, industrial work, and more possibilities. All cable mounts and cable ties can also resist extreme heat without damaging or melting so you can use them on any sorts of wiring with ensured safety.

  • Quick and Easy Installation
    The self-adhesive mount and the cable tie can be installed in no time into any flat surfaces without the time-consuming, complicated methods! Simply peel-off the back adhesion from the cable mount, adhere it to your desired area, insert the zip tie through the opening of the mount, fasten your wirings, lock it secured, and done! No more tools or screwing needed that only leaves permanent damages through your walls.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, thickened nylon material and 3M strong adhesive with excellent durability and secureness. All cable mounts and cable ties can withstand years of daily use and exposure to extreme conditions without weakening or damaging. Furthermore, all products do not emit any chemicals and odors that might risk the user’s safety or cause any fire hazards. 
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: 

  • 100 x Mounts
  • 100 x Cable Zip Tie

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