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Cithway™ Self-Draining Leaf-Shaped Soap Holder

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Never let your bar soap turn into a pile of suds and sticky mess ever again and use this self-draining leaf-shaped Soap Holder!

This soap holder is specially designed in an inclined leaf shape which securely stores your bar while rapidly draining all liquids out. It enables you to keep your soap easily accessible and hygienically dry after wash to preserve its life and free you from the mushy mess. Furthermore, this bar soap rack adopts an impressive suction cup that can hold firmly on any smooth surface you place it on. Preventing it from toppling or creating even a single move even after daily exposure to moisture, water, or humid environments. Simply assemble all parts together, place the soap holder firmly onto the surface to grip, store your bar soap, and you're all good.  

The self-draining soap rack boasts the perfect balance of minimalist and modern elegance that can complement any home decor. It is also super compact and can be stood on any countertops or sink without taking up space and creating obstruction. Suitable for bathroom, shower stalls, kitchen, sinks, powder room, hotels, and any other place where you need to store bar soap. This leaf-shaped holder does not retain soap residues and it is easily detachable so you can simply wash it anytime to keep clean. Made with the highest quality plastic material that guarantees to withstand multiple years of service without damaging or molding. 

Keep your soap always at hand and hygienic with this self-draining leaf-shaped soap holder!


  • Bar Soap Draining Tray
    A thoughtfully-designed leaf shape soap holder that adopts a smart waterfall self-draining structure. Allowing it to securely hug your bar in an inclined position to empty out all liquids, soap suds, soap residues, and splatters. It eliminates the risk of accumulating water in to keep your soap dry, hygienic, and prevents it from being a mushy sticky mess. This self-draining tray does not only store and preserve the life of your favorite soap, but it also helps in minimizing soap wastage. 

  • Ultra-Strong Suction
    This soap draining holder promotes an excellent suction cup that holds firmly and stably against most surface types and still be removed with not a single trace. It allows it to be placed on any flat countertops without toppling, repositioning, or slipping off even as you swiftly pick up and put the soap back. Moreover, this soap rack can be also exposed to daily moisture, water, or humid environments and not loosen its strong adhesive suction. Simply attach all parts first, including tray, connecting pipe, and the suction cup base. After that, stick the suction cup onto place, store your bar soap, and you're good to go. No more messy gluing, punching holes, and other complicated methods needed! 

  • Multi-Scene Application
    The self-draining soap holder offers a simplistic design with a touch of modern elegance that can seamlessly blend on different home decor. It makes you keep your soap dry and easily accessible at all times while keeping your bathroom vibes in check. Additionally, this leaf-shaped soap holder is ideally compact in size so it can stand gorgeously on counters and sinks without taking up much space or causing obstruction. Suitable to be used in the bathroom, shower stalls, kitchen, sinks, powder room, hotels, and any other place where you need to store bar soap.

  • Easy to Clean
    This leaf shaped bar soap rack is conveniently detachable and it does not retain soap residues which makes it much easier to clean. Its self draining design also lets water flow straight down to the sink so you don’t have to wipe unsightly soap mess countertops. What’s more? The soap holder does not contain a second chamber that collects water so you also don’t need to constantly dump liquid out unlike with other products.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic thickened plastic material with a remarkable durability, self-draining, and suction performance. It can stay perfectly in place on counters without leaving damages behind or falling off. This leaf shaped soap holder promises to hold out a long lasting service without wearing-off or molding.  

  • Material: PP,  PVC
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  • 1 x  Cithway™ Self-Draining Leaf-Shaped Soap Holder

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